GST Return and Type of GST Return

A return is a document including details of income which a taxpayer is
required to file with the tax authorities. This can help tax authorities to
calculate tax liability.
Under GST, a registered dealer has to file GST returns that include:
• Purchases
• Sales
• Output GST (On sales)
• Input tax credit (GST paid on purchases)
To file GST returns sales and purchase invoices are required. In the GST
regime any Regular business has to file two monthly returns and one annual
return. This amounts to 26 returns in a year.
The number of GST filings vary for Quarterly GSTR-1 filers. The number of
GST filings online for them is 17 in a year.
There are separate returns required to be filed by special cases such
as Composition dealers whose number of GST filings is 5 in a year.

Recent GST Updates and Amendments

1.Restriction on availing ITC – Rule 36(4)
➢ ITC can be availed only up to 105% of GSTR 2A, as against 110% earlier. Now, the
ceiling of 105% to be computed on invoices uploaded & returns furnished + invoices
furnished by quarterly taxpayer.
➢ Violation of the above could lead to suspension of registration
2.Restriction on use of ITC – Rule 86(B)
ITC in credit ledger can be used only to pay 99% of output tax liability. It is applicable to
taxpayers having monthly taxable supply exceeding Rs. 50 lacs.
Not applicable to the following taxpayers
➢ Paid Income tax exceeding Rs. One lac in each of the last two financial years
➢ Claimed refund of more than Rs. 1 lac on zero rated supplies or inverted duty
structure in the preceding financial year
➢ Discharged tax liability cumulatively in cash in excess of 1% in the current
financial year
➢ Govt. department, PSU, local authority or statutory body

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