CA Harshil Sheth tweeted about 25 current problems in GST:

  1. ITC restrictions in 36(4) and 16(2)(aa). 

  2. ITC Denial of utilizing u/r 86B. 

  3. ITC reversal due to 180 days Non-payment. 

  4. No ITC allowed for CG in Export refund. 

  5. No ITC allowed for CG & Services in Inverted duty refund. 

  6. Whole return filling Mechanism. 

  7. Non Effective GST Annual Return format. 

  8. No CAP on Max. LATE FEES. 

  9. No Amnesty for GSTR 9/9C. 

  10. No relaxation on Sec. 16(4) regarding time limit. 

  11. No Discussion on Petrol / Diesel inclusion in GST. 

  12. No Discussion on Rate Neutralization. 

  13. Not reducing High penalizing Interest rate 18/ 24%. 

  14. No Negative liability allowed in 3B. 

  15. Not Changing QRMP to QRQP. 

  16. No revocations of Cancelled dealers. 

  17. Significant delay in approving Registration. 

  18. No online Appeals – No tribunals. 

  19. No involvement of Professional Bodies or Industry Association in GST council decision making. 

  20. Daily changes by Notifications, Circulars & PR. 

  21. Wide power to officers under 21A & 86A for cancellations + suspension. 

  22. Useless forms like GSTR 10 & ITC 4. 

  23. Harassment to categorizing exporters into Risky exporters & not giving refunds. 

  24. Harassment due to Minor errors in Eway Bill lead to major penalties. 

  25. Obsession with HSN DETAILS. Cumbersome for MSME.

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