GST System mistake in calculating late fee, now giving notice of dues to businessmen

Due to a new exploit of GST Network (GSTN), businessmen are facing new problems. GSTN made a mistake in calculating the late fee charged from the traders in the past. Now he is demanding arrears by sending notices to the businessmen. In the last few days, lakhs of traders have received this notice. Not only this, the formula for calculating the arrears for which the demand is coming, has not been told.

At the time of filing the return, the portal of GST Network automatically calculates the late fee, if any, and shows the demand. The taxpayer does not have the option to change it. Only after paying it the next return can be filed. Now the problem is that if the businessmen do not pay it, they will not be able to file the return. Tax consultant Abhishek Kalda says, the GST system calculated the late fee and the dealers paid the same and filed the next return.

According to the rules, if this late fee is not paid, then the dealers are not able to file their next return. The calculation was done by the system not by the dealers. Now saying that the calculation of the system was wrong. In such a situation, when the system has made a mistake, then it is wrong to ask for the remaining late fees from the traders. The new demand has not been loaded on the portal yet. This means that those who have received this notice will be able to file the next return now. But after this they will not be able to file the return till the dues are paid.

2 thoughts on “GST System mistake in calculating late fee, now giving notice of dues to businessmen”

  1. Second mistake done by GSTN site is that taxpayers paid demand of late fee as per demand shown while filling the return,
    In notice receive demanding error in late fee due was totally wrong as late fee paid shown was not matching with late fee already paid for the period, we fell to understand the reason of that and how the dealer get it corrected.

  2. This is utter injustice, who made the mistake, the trader or the government? Why should I pay fine for someone’s mistake?

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