MCA UPDATE: Stakeholders please note that LLP filing, New User Registration & DSC Association services

Stakeholders are informed that name reservation filings are picking up and FiLLip filings have also commenced on the new LLP portal.

For any assistance, the helpdesk can be reached at +91 120 4832500.

Certain Stakeholders have raised concerns over Associating DSC in V3.

They are advised to follow the below simple steps:
(1) You can associate your DSC as a Business user in V3.
(2) Login using your credentials.
(3) Go to MCA Services ->FO LLP Services – >Associate DSC
(4) Download & run embridge – 2nd option provided on the screen.
(5) Change the DSC password/PIN (for 1st time users on V3).
(6) In the Token field, select ePass option from the available drop downs.
(7) Select Certificate Details from the drop down and enter the DSC password.
(8) Click on Register.
(9) You will receive confirmation message on portal.