Pay Parking Money With Google via Voice Command

Google keeps on bringing new features for its users every day. In such a situation, the company has brought great work and very beneficial Voice Parking Feature for its users. In this, users will get the facility to pay for parking using their voice. This is because of Google’s partnership with ParkMobile.

Let us tell you that the partnership is a recent example of Google’s pressure in the transport segment. This includes biking and ride-hailing in Google Maps. This includes developing a digital one and working with vehicle makers to integrate their Android operating system into vehicles.

The voice parking feature is very interesting. Whenever you park the car, you have to say to Google, Hey Google, paying for the parking (Hey Google Parking Ke Liye Payment Kar Rahe Hain). After this, follow the instructions of Google Assistant to pay from the phone.

Actually Google Pay manages the transaction after listening to your voice. On the other hand, Android upgrade will help users to find out how much time is left. Only after this time will be added with Voice Command. By giving a command to Google, you just have to say Hey Google, Pafrking Status or Extend Parking.