Due to the grace of the GST department, a poor person has received a notice for depositing huge tax. The GST department has slapped one crore 39 lakh 79 thousand 407 rupees on the youth (GST Of Crores Slapped on jaisalmer Poor Man). It has been written that GST tax is due in the name of the youth. Action will be taken if it is not filled as soon as possible. Narpatram (s/o Navlaram Meghwal) of Ridwa village has received a notice from Commissionerate Delhi, North.

Narpatram told that he earns only 4000. Father manages the household expenses by doing farming. In such a situation, as soon as Narpatram received the notice, he was shocked. Got into thinking that there is no firm in his name, then why did the Income Tax Department send the notice? When I put pressure on my mind, I remembered the events of months ago. Then someone called on mobile and asked for details of Aadhaar card, PAN number and other documents. OTP was also asked. Which Narpatram had shared in ignorance. They feel that this is their result.

Firm in Delhi in the name of Narpat! – On the basis of GST notice, it has come to know that on the basis of documents of Narpat, a person formed a firm in Delhi. That person is also from Delhi. The game of forgery was created on the basis of the same company. The consequences of which Narpat has to bear now. On 29 December 2022, he got a decree with instructions to pay GST. Narpatram told that he has received the notice of the GST department from Central Commissionerate Delhi North. In which it was told that the registration operation of a company is being done on this PAN card and Aadhaar card, whose GST is due.

After receiving the notice, the young man and his family are in tension. The victim Narpatram says that he earns 4-5 thousand rupees a month. The poor is not able to understand what to do if he does. Just knows that big people will definitely have some solution. There is not enough money in the pocket to consult an expert or a government lawyer. He is doing what he can. He is making rounds of administrative departments and police stations. Still the hands are empty. We are getting a terse reply from all sides that whatever happens will happen in Delhi only.