EPFO has taken a big decision to give relief to the employed people

Employees’ Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) has taken a big decision to give relief to the employed people. Those doing private jobs will get the maximum benefit of this.

EPFO has approved a centralized IT system, due to which an employee will not need to transfer the amount of his old company’s EPF account to the new company’s EPF account in the event of job change. Rather, it will automatically be transferred to the account of that employee’s new company. The Center for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC) is preparing this state-of-the-art system. This decision was taken in the 229th meeting of the Central Board of Trustees, the final decision-making body for EPFO, which will benefit the people working in the private sector the most, because employees in this sector often move from one company to another to give growth to their career. Change jobs in the company.

According to the current rule, if they do this, then they have to do lengthy paperwork to transfer the money of their PF. In this affair, many times many employees do not even transfer the fund of their PF. With this decision of EPFO, not only the employees will get better and easier services from their side. Rather, digitization will also be encouraged in the working of EPFO.

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  1. The govt. Shud decide to give some amount to the private sector employees under EPFO so their old is sustainable and they are not counted as burden to the family. Jai hind.

  2. Talk about EPS 95 minimum pension amount n what decisions taken on this, is there any thing discussed about 5k r 3k per month.? or not?. Governments n their organizations bothered about their business. No one bothered about private employees. Who bothered about digitally knowing balance? Every year employees will get PF detailed slips. You people discuss about EPS pension payable to meet minimum requirements. Is Governments n political people only bothered Government pensioners.? Think n give your voices for EPS 95 pension.

      1. Which is very good division, till today not taken any Rs.1 benifit to pensioner & you say very good dicision. What is that, pls let know the good decision?

      2. Govt. Should seriously consider the pension demanded and it should be minimum Rs. 10,000 which can take care the need of
        necessary expenses of a family , Please look into this and do the needful. Thanks, a senior citizen.

    1. Exactly. Mr SR Kandula has said it. EPFO is sidelining the main concern of the senior citizens even after Courts directives.

  3. Govt should really look into the pension of the employees. Yhe government employees are taking minimum 20,000/- Whereas the EPFpensioner is getting minimum 1000/-.How will he take care of himself and his spouse during the oldage. A serious thinking has to be done.

    1. If the PF organisation is not willing to give a minimum amount of 6000.00 as PF pension.then there is only way to get it,that is C.Govt should introduce PF Pension to all govt employees,execpt Defence person.

    2. G. It evidently shows under gratitude actitudes of govt.on those eps 95
      Pensioners on whose back had their merrygo rounds. Care them.

    3. Mrs.Succurine Gonsalves

      I am a pensioner and I just get Rs.1310/- only I am a diabetic and on medicines.
      I too agree at least minimum pension of 3000/- to 5000/- should be given to private sector employees. We should be able tó bear our monthly medical expenses at least.
      Government should do something.

  4. Achuthan Padmanabhan

    I hereby request the CBT members, please consider our prolonged issue of EPS-95 pensioners monthly pension high amount at your earliest as possible.

  5. Sameer Choudhury

    It is impossible to rise the pension amount of private sector employees during Modi Government.

    1. Rudra Narayan Das

      Raising present minimum pension not possible during this BJP government. They are not considering EPFO pensioners as one of their important vote bank.

  6. I am not asking equal to Government employees pension, give us some relief to lead a decent life in now a days expensive Medical and daily life for 2 in a family that is Husband and Wife 🙏


    Before joining my present organisation I have left two more very reputed organisation before 2014 (Before UAN) . But now I am not able to generate UAN of those two EPF number. After writing severely time to of both respective EPFO with revised Form-13
    Unfortunately no action taken since last one year as I have retired from a private organisation January last. If any well wiser is there who can give me the tips how can I generate UAN with these two old EFP.

  8. Government should consider enhance pf limit from 15000 to 21000 like enhance given to Esic
    Pension should be minimum Rs.10000.

  9. It’s good decision ,
    But some mnc companies are undergoes Exempted trust accounts.
    People are not showing monthly deposit money in epfo portals.
    After joining another company it’s too difficult to transfer present company.
    So kindly look in to the matter.

  10. If any worker who works For 10years plus service after who quits, he do not have scheme certificate facility.Afterwords If he do not work under pf covererd establishment how could he remembers his fast service. This is for married woman very difficult.

  11. It’s really a good decision, doing automatic transfer to the current company.
    What about trust? MNC companies maintain trust.

  12. It is very pathetic to point it out the decision for increase in minimum pension is dragging for a very long period. Some excuses like legal case is pending at Supreme court. Postponement of case is there every now and then. It is known fate to EPS’95 pensioners.

  13. The pension amount of Rs.1000 or 2000 p.m. is very Very meagre in these hard days. For retired people husband & wife to even take care of their medicines is not sufficient as all medicine rates have sky rocketed. This is a very sorry state of affairs and the senior citizens are a deprived class and nobody bothers about them. Even the interest on bank deposits are getting reduced year by year and how should the Senior citizens manage. Government should seriously think about this and give some remedy to Senior citizens.

  14. I retired from Pvt. Organization on 31.03.2020. Till now I am unable to get pension due to my previous employer’s EPS transfer issues. For the past one year I am dealing with EPFO_Bandra Mumbai. Yet to solve/approve my form 13.

  15. My husband expired on 2nd Oct 2019. He retired from a private organisation in 2014. The said organization had various sister concern. My husband served in 4 of the sister concerns whose registered office is in west bengal.
    In 2016 he got a PPO from one unit ac which mentioned Rs.945/- as pension which rounded to Rs 1000/-. He was writing to his Company that there is some calculation mistake. He came to know that there was 3142 days NCP. He didn’t take leave which he encashed on retirement. How can there be NCP days. He worked from 1988 February to 2017 June in same organization with a extension of 3 years. Please help me get proper pension. I his surviving widow. Have been writing to the company without any success.

    1. The pension issue is becoming a burning issue which should be taken on priority by the government because in this senerio it is difficult to survive .

  16. I think Central Govt. should take decision with immediate effect since cost of living simple life is very very hard to take two times food. So people of India doing suicide or will follow this step in future.

  17. Desikan Badrinarayanan

    EPFO has been using our Pension contribution corpus for years but unwilling to pay back reasonable return in line with inflation for the hard earned money of ours, all EPS 1995 contributors. EPFO is making merry, wealth and enjoy themselves.
    Not at all thinking about the contributors and have no heart and mind about the people whose money is utilized by the EPFO.

  18. Nelamangala Sridhar

    Epf pentioners were having big hope with Modi government, but now all faded up of getting pention . Now board should take urgent decision s to invest 50% of money at stock markets guaranteed and give pentioners relief forthwith , depending on govt is no use , since they are only working on vote and retaining power, not bother about un concerned pentioners. All the taxpayers money spending on freebies and left out us.
    Don’t hope anything and have to make own arrangements by pentioners themselves. If
    3000/- or 6000/- given is of no use after decades of delay.

  19. Government is adding so many new features and circulating the same but they do not address the long pending repeated requests from employees on increase in pension, imagine how the life of a retired employee after retirement and we will be forced to apply for a party declared pension schemes..

  20. Pathetic state of affairs paying a paltry sum if 2 and 3 thousand.
    While those in govt services are well taken care of some even getting forty to fifty thousand as pension private sector is left un the lurch with just a few thousands.
    Government should immediately address the issue and the Supreme court should give a ruling to this extend.
    A nominal sum of thirty thousand per month is all we are asking for.

  21. How about EPFO trust?. All major construction companies and other companies opt for PF trust. It is no where highlighted. All companies majorly real estate companies take advantage of this facility. They do not pay the amount to either employees or govt. Keeping that TRUST option they very disadvantage. The amount credited or withdrawal for PF trust option can be done online. The companies utilize those employees money for this business and do not pay the employee after leaving company. Any measures that had taken by govt ????.

  22. Why it take time to get my pf amount after a claim it been 1 month but no tranfer to my account??

  23. Totally the EPFO is the big mafia of the central government of any party. Now the retired people is suffering. In future the present employee will suffer like us after our demise. This is indian politics. All the politicians are treated as TERRORISTS and you need not go to border to search the terrorists . The terrorists are all here .

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