You Tube is Updating Its Terms Of Service. Review Now

Message from You Tube

On 5 January 2022, we’re updating our Terms of Service (“Terms“) to help clarify and make it easier to understand what to expect as you use the service. These changes won’t affect the way you use YouTube. You can review a summary of the changes and the updated Terms here.

At a glance, this update covers:

  • More clarity on what to expect: We’re providing more transparency about how we develop, improve and update our service, including more details about why we make changes and updates and the advanced notice that we provide to you.
  • General updates for improved readability: While our Terms remain a legal document, we’ve done our best to make them easier to understand. This includes reorganising some sections (such as Account Suspension and Termination) and rewording others (such as Changing this Agreement).
  • Inclusion of the Community Guidelines strikes process: Your use of YouTube has always been subject to the Community Guidelines and its strikes process, but we’re now explicitly including the Community Guidelines strikes information in the Terms to increase transparency. There are no changes to how Community Guidelines strikes operate, or when a channel or content might receive a strike.

Google is also required to inform you under Rule 5 of the Indian Information Technology (Intermediary Guidelines and Digital Media Ethics Code Rules, 2021) Rules, 2021 that if you are a publisher of news or current affairs content, you are required to furnish the details of your accounts on YouTube to the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Government of India.

Please make sure that you read these updates and remember that the Terms and Google’s Privacy Policy apply to your use of YouTube. Violation of these agreements may result in warnings or further action including loss of access or termination of all or part of your account.

By continuing to use YouTube after this date, you are agreeing to the updated Terms. Note: If you allow your child to use YouTube Kids or manage your child’s use of YouTube through Family Link, take a moment to talk to them about these changes.