Google India removes 93,550 content pieces in August, Show monthly transparency Compliance report

Google India Removed 93,550 Objectionable Content in August 2021, Compliance Report Shows

Google received 35,191 complaints from users and removed 93,550 pieces of content based on those complaints in the month of August, the tech giant said in its monthly transparency report. In addition to reports from users, Google also removed 651,933 pieces of content in August as a result of automated detection.

Google had received 36,934 complaints from users and removed 95,680 pieces of content based on those complaints in July. It had removed 5,76,892 pieces of content in July as a result of automated detection.

The content removal was done under several category. including copyright 92750, trademark 721, counterfeit 32, circumvention 19, court order 12, graphic sexual 12, and other legal requests 4.

under the new IT rules, large digital platforms – with over 5 million users – will have to publish periodic compliance reports every month, mentioning the details of complaints received and action taken thereon. Compliance reports every month.

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