WhatsApp banned over 20 lakh Indian accounts in August

its latest report released on Tuesday, WhatsApp said 20,70,000 Indian accounts were banned on WhatsApp during the said period. An Indian account is identified via a +91 phone number, it added.

Previously, the Facebook-owned company had stated that more than 95 per cent of bans are due to the unauthorised use of automated or bulk messaging (spam). The global average number of accounts that WhatsApp bans to prevent abuse on its platform is around 80 lakh accounts per month.

In its monthly compliance report for August, WhatsApp said it received 420 user reports during August spanning Account Support (105), Ban Appeals (222), Other Support (34), Product Support (42) and Security (17) . During this period, 41 accounts were “actioned”, the report further said.

WhatsApp explained that “Accounts Actioned” refers to reports where it took remedial action based on the report. Taking action indicates either the banning of an account or the reinstatement of an account already banned as a result of the complaint.

The new IT rules – which came into force on May 26 – require large digital platforms (with over 5 million users) to publish compliance reports every month, detailing complaints received and action taken.