Specimen of General meeting resolution for the appointment of joint auditors under the ambit of Companies Act 2013

“RESOLVED THAT Pursuant to the Provisions of Section 143 and any other applicable provisions, if any , of the Companies Act 2013 M/S RSQ & Co the Statutory Auditors of the Company be and hereby reappointed as the Branch Auditors of the  Company to hold office from the conclusion of this meeting upto the conclusion of the next Annual General Meeting and to examine and audit the books of Accounts of the Company”s Branch Office at Pune for the F/Y 2021-22 on such Remuneration as may be fixed by the Board.

RESOLVED FURTHER THAT pursuant to the provisions of Section 143 and other applicable provisions if any, of the act, the board be and is hereby authorised to appoint as Branch Auditor of any Branch Office of the Company, existing, including those which may be opened, acquired hereafter, in India or Abroad in consultation with the Company’s Auditors, any person qualified to act as Branch Auditors within the Provisions of Section 143 of the Act and to fix their Remuneration.”


The Company Has a Branch Office in Pune (Maharashtra) . M/S RSQ & Co. , Chartered Accountants , the Statutory Auditors were appointed as the Branch Auditors for the Pune Branch for the F/Y 2021-22.

In Respect of Other Branches of the Company if any opened by the company during the Year in India as well as abroad , the shareholders are Requested to authorise the Board to appoint branch auditors in accordance with the provisions of the Companies Act 2013 in Consultation with the Company’s Statutory Auditor and to fix their Remuneration.

Your Directors Recommend the the Resolution at Item No ……. For Approval of the Members.

None of the Directors are Concerned or Interested in the passing of the above Resolution.

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