Only Amount Reflected in Form 26AS Does Not Mean that Assessee is the Actual Beneficiary Unless It is Established: ITAT

In the case of Dr Swati Mahesh Vinchurkar vs DCIT, ITAT Surat bench has held that:

We have considered the rival submissions of the parties and have gone through the orders of the lower authorities carefully. There is no dispute that the assessee is resident of Surat. The assessee is qualified Doctor being Pediatric (Child Specialist). While filing her return of income the assessee has shown income from profession and other sources. During the process by CPC, the additions were made in the hand of assessee on the basis of TDS shown in Form-26AS. We find that in response to the notice of CPC, the assessee denied of having such income and that her response was ignored. Before ld CIT(A) the assessee again specifically contended that she has not earned such income nor any work was performed by her. We find that despite specific contention of the assessee, the ld CIT(A) instead of verifying the facts confirmed the additions by taking view that it seems that CPC had considered the appellant explanation before making disallowance and that there is prima facie evidence. We find that both the authorities below acted in a mechanical way. There is no consideration of the contentions raised by the assessee that she has not worked or earned any income from such deductor. In our view once the assessee denied that she has not earned such income as reflected in her Form-26 AS, the onus shift on the revenue authorities to prove such income of the assessee. The addition is based solely on the basis of TDS shown in Form-26AS, ignoring the submissions of the assessee. The ld. AR for the assessee vehemently argued before us that the deductor if more than 1000 KM away from the place of practice of assessee. Considering the peculiar facts of the present case, we find merit in the submissions of the ld AR for the assessee that the assessee had entered into any such transactions and the lower authorities have not made any verification or effort to verify such transactions and there is certain mistake of entering the wrong PAN, which belongs to the assessee and the addition made in the income is uncalled for.

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