In the case of Devansh Exports vs. ACIT, ITAT Kolkata has held that:

Citation: The information given by DIT (Inv) can only be a basis to ignite/ trigger “reason to suspect”. The AO has to carry out further examination to convert the “reason to suspect” into “reason to believe”. If the AO acts on borrowed satisfaction and without application of mind, the reopening is void (All judgements considered).

Main Judgement: Allegations leveled by DIT (Inv.) can only raise suspicion in the mind of the AO which is not the sufficient/requirement of law for reopening of assessment. The ‘reasons to believe’ is not synonymous to ‘reason to suspect’. ‘Reason to suspect’ based on an information can trigger an enquiry to find out whether there is any substance or material to substantiate that there is merit in the information adduced by the DIT(Inv.) and thereafter the AO has to take an independent decision to re-open or not. And the AO should not act on dictate of any other authority like in this case DIT(Inv.) because then it would be borrowed satisfaction.

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