Invitation of application for appointment of CA/ CS/ Cost Accountant in the Office of the Registrar of Companies

Pursuant to Ministry of Corporate Affairs OM dated 03.07.2019 it is proposed to engage 1 (one) Chartered Accountants Company Secretaries/Cost Accountant as Young Professional for attending to specific and time bound work in the Office of the Registrar of Companies, Guwahati. The requisite qualification and other terms & conditions are as follows:

• Must be qualified Chartered Accountant/Company Secretary/Cost Accountant.
• Possessing at least two years of experience post passing their final examination.
• Age not exceeding 35 years.

2. TENURE OF APPOINTMENT: – The initial assignment as Young Professional will be for a period of 1 year and initial period of 3 months would be probation period. However, based on performance of Professional the period may be extended for
further period after approval of the Ministry/Directorate.

3. OTHER ENTITLEMENTS/CONDITIONS: – Young Professionals shall be paid a consolidated remuneration of Rs. 40,000/- (fixed) per month and conveyance allowance of Rs. 1,000/- (fixed) per month. The Income Tax or any Tax liable to be
deducted as per the prevailing law/rules will be deducted at source before affecting
the payment for which the Ministry/Regional Director will be TDS Certificate.

4. TA/DA:- No TA/DA shall be admissible for joining the assignment or on its completion. No TA/DA shall be payable for attending the interviews/selection process.

5. OTHER ALLOWANCE: – No other facilities such as D.A., accommodation, transport, medical reimbursement, CGHS etc. would be admissible to the Young Professionals.

6. ATTENDANCE & WORKING DAYS: – The assignment as Young Professional will be
on full time basis and accordingly the Young Professional shall not be allowed to practice of his/her profession or take any other assignment during this period. No
extra remuneration shall be allowed for working beyond office hours, if any.

7. PLACEMENT OF POSTING: – The place of posting will be at Guwahati. The Young
Professional will work under the guidance and supervision of officers of the Ministry
and its regional offices.

8. LEAVE: – Young Professionals shall be eligible for 8 days leave in a calendar year of
engagement as Young Professional on pro rata basis. Young Professional will not be
entitled for remuneration in case of absence beyond 8 days in a year. Also, un-availed
leave in a calendar year shall not be carried forward to next calendar year.

➢ During the period of assignment under the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, the
Young Professional would be subject to the provisions of the Indian Official Secret Act, 1923 and will not divulge any information gathered by him/her during the period of his/her assignment to anyone, who is not authorised to know the same;

➢ Selected candidates shall not practice as Chartered Accountant/Company Secretary/Cost Accountant during the period of their engagement as Young Professional.

➢ The Young Professional shall sign a declaration of fidelity and secrecy at the time of joining;

➢ The Young Professional except with the previous sanction/approval of the Ministry or in the bonafide discharge of his/her duties, publish a book or a compilation of articles or participation in a radio/electronic media broadcast or contribute an article or write a letter to any newspaper or periodical, either in his/her own name or anonymously or pseudonymously in the name of any other person, if such book, articles, broadcast or letter related to a subject matter assigned to him/her by the Ministry.


> The assignment is purely on contractual basis and will not confer any right for
permanent absorption or appointment on regular basis in the Ministry or its
regional offices.

> The Young Professional will be required to give 30 days’ notice of his/her
intention to leave the assignment.

> The Directorate/Ministry will be free to terminate the services of Young
Professionals without any notice in case of absence by more than 15 days
beyond the entitled leave in a calendar year

> The services of Young Professional may be terminated by Ministry/Regional
Director by giving 30 days’ notice in case of following eventualities

a. Young Professional is unable to address the assigned works.

b. Quality of the work performed
Ministry/Regional Director.

c. The Young Professional falls in timely achievements of the approved work

d. The Young Professional is found lacking in honesty and integrity.

In view of the above, it is requested to provide a list of eligible and interested
qualified Chartered Accountants/Company Secretaries/Cost Accountant after screening
their bio/data and application for the said assignment to this office within 10 days to initiate the selection process accordingly. The list of eligible candidates along with their bio-data with email ID and Contact No. may be provided through email at the email address:

(U.K.SA 00)