Yuzvendra Chahal’s Instagram account hacked, private chat LEAK

Team India’s star cricket Yuzvendra Chahal’s Instagram account was hacked and then the screenshot of his private chat was also made public and the person who did so openly announced it. Actually, Chahal is currently part of the Rajasthan Royals franchise team in the Indian Premier League (IPL). Rajasthan Royals has done this feat. During IPL 2022, Chahal hacked the account of Rajasthan Royals and sent a lot of messages to the players of the team. Rajasthan Royals has taken its revenge.

It was all done for fun though. In the screenshot of Chahal’s Insta chat shared by Rajasthan Royals, the last messages from the accounts of his wife Dhanshree Verma Chahal, Sanju Samsam, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Jos Buttler, Indian cricket team and Rohit Sharma are visible.

Dhanshree has written, ‘You come back in our video’, while Dhoni has written to Chahal for some matter, ‘Very good Chahal.’ In all this, Rohit Sharma’s message is also no less funny, in which it is written, ‘Delete the account.’

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