Electric vehicle start-up GT Force has launched two new electric two-wheeler models – GT Soul, and GT One

Both these electric scooters from GT Force are slow-speed models, so their top speed has been limited to 25 kmph. Neither driving license nor vehicle registration is required to operate these scooters.

The electric scooter segment is growing rapidly in the Indian market. Just as the leading automakers are introducing new models in this segment, similarly startups have given more edge to the competition in this segment. GT Force, another electric vehicle start-up, today launched two new electric two-wheeler models – GT Soul, and GT One, priced at Rs 49,996 and Rs 59,800 (ex-showroom India) respectively. These are low-speed electric scooters, so neither driving license nor registration is required to operate them.

The company has not used any big battery pack or electric motor in the new electric scooter, which makes it very light and easy to drive. This scooter is a better option for people of all age groups. Being low speed, the driving age of this scooter is also not a barrier, that is, it is not mandatory for the driver to be an adult to drive it. The company has limited its top speed to a maximum of 25 kilometers per hour. So let’s know about these two electric scooters-

GT Soul Electric Scooter:

 It is the cheapest electric scooter offered by the company, with prices starting from ₹ 49,996 (ex-showroom). This scooter is much better for short distances and its top speed is 25 km per hour. Interestingly, this scooter is available with both lead and lithium battery packs. It is powered by a 48V 28Ah lead battery pack with Brushless Direct Current Motor (BLDC) motor and a 48V 24Ah lithium battery pack. The company claims that the lead variant gives a driving range of 50 to 60 km and the lithium variant 60 to 65 km.

The GT Soul weighs just 95 kg and has a loading capacity of 130 kg. It has a seat height of 760 mm and ground clearance of 185 mm. As far as features are concerned, this electric scooter includes central locking, parking mode and reverse mode with anti-theft alarm. Customers can choose this scooter in Red, Black, White and Silver colours.

GT One Electric Scooter:

The GT One is priced slightly higher than the Soul, with a price tag of Rs 59,800 (ex-showroom). This too is a slow-speed scooter and its top speed is also limited to 25 kmph. In this too, the company has used both lead and lithium battery packs like the Soul model. Being the same type of battery pack, it also has the same driving range, with the company claiming that its lead variant gives a driving range of 50 to 60 kms and the lithium variant 60 to 65 kms.

However, the company has given front hydraulic and telescopic rear double shocker with dual-tube technology for a comfortable ride in the GT One. Which gives better riding experience even on rough roads. Although it weighs a little less than the Soul model, the scooter weighs 88 kg as per the information given on the company’s official website and is capable of lifting a total load of up to 140 kg. Mobile charging and cruise control system have also been included in this scooter as features. The GT One is available in Matte Red, Black, White and Silver colours.

Battery Charging & Warranty:

The company is offering an 18-month motor warranty, a one-year lead battery warranty and a three-year lithium-ion battery warranty on both the scooters. Micro charger is being provided with both the scooters which is equipped with auto cut-off technology. According to the information shared by the company, it takes 7 to 8 hours for the lead variant of both the scooters to be fully charged and about 4 hours for the Lithium variant to be fully charged.

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