Income tax filing process made easy

Income Tax Return: Income tax has to be paid every year. If the annual income is more than 2.5 lakhs, then you may have to pay tax. However, at present there are two slabs for paying tax. If you pay tax according to the old slab, then tax will have to be paid according to a different percentage. On the other hand, if you pay tax according to the new slab, then tax will have to be paid according to a different percentage. At the same time, people also take the help of agents to pay taxes.

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People find it very epic to pay taxes. There are many people who are unable to pay taxes on their own. Such people take the help of a tax paying agent every year, who also takes a few thousand two thousand rupees to pay the tax. However, if you file ITR yourself by following some easy steps, then this expense can be avoided.

The Income Tax Department has also given some steps to file tax online. By adopting these, you too can easily file income tax online and save money which you pay to the agent.

How to Fill Online Income Tax Return (Income Tax Return Online Process)

First of all go to

 Log in using your PAN number.

 Go to ‘Downloads’ and select ITR-1 (Sahaj) Return Preparation Software under the respective year. It will be downloaded as Excel.

 Open the excel sheet and fill the details related to Form-16.

 Calculate all the details and save the sheet.

 Go to ‘Submit Return’ and upload the saved excel sheet.

 Now you will be asked to upload digital signature. You can also skip this step.

 – Successful e-filing submission message will be displayed on your screen.

 ITR verification form will be sent to your registered email id.

How to Download ITR Verification Form?

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