Changes in big income tax rules! see list

Return of income furnished electronically u/s 142(1), 148, 153A and 153C of Income Tax Act during the period from 07/06/2021 to 30/09/2021 and verified through EVC instead of DSC, shall be deemed to have been furnished and verified as per Rule 12.


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    1. Please don’t hold your breath for the same!

      Everyone needs everything free in India thats why fraudster galore here! Even if someone says black tar is supplied free ppl queue up!

      1. You have rightly said. These fraudsters never dare to question how yesterdays fatichers(फटीचर) proven chors & without any contribution or personal quality/ abilities become arab/ kharabpatis(अरब/खरबपति) in no time. Bharat mata ki jai. Vande Mataram.

    2. Income Tax Department & CBDT should make mandetary to all Political Parties to file Account Statements giving details of Receipts, Expenses, List of Assets & Loans/Gifts given to party leaders. Thos should go to Election Commission. For all Candidates for any Election should link Pan Aadhar & declare list of Assets, give budget for Election Campaigns.

      1. Can anyone here share the video clipping as Modi promised 15 lacs deposit to each citizen account. I am searching for the same since 2014…

    3. Never Modi promises to credit each by ₹ 15 lacs. It was false propaganda by CONGRESS to malign & defame Modi. But still CONGRESS has the credit of allowing mega loot & laundering through scams & corruption in its rule without any punishment.

      1. Fact is that in 2013 Modi had said he will get black money parked in foreign countries and credit Rs 15 lacs to each citizen of India

    4. Why you want free from the country.Do something that makes our country strong. Let us all work to make our Country best rather than asking for free money.

      1. No,he never said that he would credit 15 L every one’s account. He was explaining the quantum of black money hidden in overseas banks. It is the Congress’s propaganda and you believe this! It like Rahul Gandhi’s machine which has potato as input and gold as out put. You must believe that too and question him!

    5. Why you want free from the country.Do something that makes our country strong. Let us all work to make our Country best rather than asking for free money.

    6. If every one gets 15 lakhs, all the establishment will remain closed including hotels and restaurants as there will no employee to work as all rich by 15 lakhs. None wants to work because of 15 lakhs. Vegetable, pulses and many other items will not be available to purchase.

    7. Did BJP Govt really promise anything like that? It was only presumption, with ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’. If you voted for BJP for this, better go and ask Modiji personally.

    8. Don’t harp on your foolish request. BJP govt. Never promised to give 15 lakhs to individual accounts at any time. Try to work hard and earn a good living.

    9. Who said so? You are just assuming and just Greedy. Work hard and earn, lazy fellow. Don’t expect any alms.

    10. What’s your contribution to the GOVt. Of INDIA. How much Tax have you paid. Just expecting 15 L free with out any co attribution.

    11. You are still living in that false make-believe word! They had said it was estimated if all the money hidden in overseas accounts was brought in it would like equivalent of 15 lakh for each Indian! They never promised that every one including you would 15 L in their account without working!

  1. I suggest that the government give medical insurance cover to all incom tax payers based on the tax paid by the individual apart from the life and medical insurance cover taken by the individual ,during corona pandemic the individual cover of medical insurance was no ware near the expenses incurd .

    1. I fully agree with your suggestion in my view on an average a salaried people pays atleast ONE CRORE to the excheqer in his 30 years of service to the nation building. And after retirement he has NO pension he has to leave his livelihood on his savings and that income is again taxable in new as well as new tax regime. CBDT must re think on this issue to grant some relief to taxpayers according to their tax payments slab.

    2. Insurance cos would do hera period like in USA. D o not go on that path. Ask for more exemptions medical insurance.

  2. There should be some benefits given to Income tax payer than non tax payers. Only salaried peoples are paying their taxes perfectly.

  3. 100 lakh hur saal kuch naya hota hai announcement vi kidhar jata hai.. Koi naye kaam ka naam liya jata hai par vo kaam hota bhi hai.. Agar hota hai tho hur saal itna paisa kidharse ata hai.. Agar.. Agar nahi hota tho kyun bola jata hai..

  4. The schemes which indians enjoy is worth 15 lac. Now it’s payback time. Let’s not comment on any party n person but work together for better india for our future. Don’t finger any individual or party as we r responsible for their selection.

  5. Nothing should be given free to any one .
    Only education , medical care and justice should be free . We should do away with present system of reservations , only children of ex service men/ ex service women should be given reservations .
    White ration card to be given to those who are born in government hospitals and studied in government school . The resevations should be only at entry level all future promotion should be earned by compteting with all others

  6. First of all Our Government, who ever is in power should work to bring back the ill-gotten money back to India’s exchequer at the earliest.
    Secondly, our Government should bring back all that fortune that was taken by the British , back to India.
    Third, All have to keep paying income tax and those who are evading should be brought under the net at the earliest.
    Fourthly, Creat enough opportunities for a lively hood and allow it to be taken by anyone, but only one-time and get away with reservation method of producing opportunities. ( Giving free is spoiling the attitude of that individual and also others who never intented for anything free)
    Build sufficient common infrastructure and put a proper system of maintaining it.
    INDIA is a worthy place to live and we should be proud of it.

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