Government Issues Big Clarification On ITR Process

Taxpayers, who have filed documents through e-filing account and followed faceless assessment proceedings, do not require e-verification and digital signature, the central government has stated. This has come as the extended due date of Income Tax Return filing on December 31 is approaching.

“In order to further ease compliance in filing documents, the Govt. has clarified that e-verification and digital signature is not required if documents are filed through an e-filing account in Faceless Assessment proceedings,” the Ministry of Finance has tweeted. 

To make tax compliance more convenient, per-filled income tax returns (ITR) have been provided to individual taxpayers. The ITR form now contains pre-filled details of certain incomes such as salary income and the scope of information for pre-filling is being further expanded. 

“Pre-filled ITRs to individual taxpayers make filing of ITRs easier and encourage compliance. Initial pre- filled data includes salary income. Scope of data for pre-filling is being expanded to include interest, dividend etc,” Ministry of Finance stated.

More than 3 crore Income Tax Returns have been filed on the new e-filing website of the Income Tax Department as on December 3, 2021. The number of ITRs filed per day is over 4 lakh, Ministry of Finance said in a statement.

The Income Tax Department strongly urges all taxpayers to view their Form 26AS and Annual Information Statement (AIS) through the e-filing portal to verify the accuracy of the TDS and Tax Payments and avail of pre-filing of ITRs. It is important for taxpayers to cross check the data in the AIS statement with their bank passbook, interest certificate, Form 16 a nd capital gains statement from brokerages in case of purchase and sale of equity or mutual funds, the Ministry of Finance said in the statement.

12 thoughts on “Government Issues Big Clarification On ITR Process”

  1. K N Ramakrishnan

    In most cases there are discrepancies in 26AS form as well as AIS. IN AIS income not pertaining to the assessee is shown. In 26AS penededsion income is shown as 0. It had been publicised in case off discrepancies in AIS we can send feedback. But not able to feed details.

  2. Susanta Kumar Kumar Mukhopadhyay

    A burning problem between AIS and 26AS is that
    One problem confronts as Mismatch between Form 26AS and AIS as Sr Citizen interest which bank shows in the nomenclature Savings Deposit shows under Total Deposit interest and Savings Bank interest but while giving Feedback in TIS which clicking on this there breaks one SB Deposit
    Other term deposit. Please guide how to give feedback.

  3. Yes I have filed ITR.
    Being IT expert I could do myself.
    System is not user friendly tax payers friendly.
    One need to hire an expert which is an unintended and avoidable expenses.
    Having said that system is very good and simple.
    Problems are password table phone no etc., those are some prevent tax payers from successfully file ITR returns.
    Hope Infosys engage good testing group and work flow management to make system user friendly

  4. Lot of technical problems in the website. Refund reissue request, validation of bank account not being accepted. Mistake in the name in form 26 AS and profile..are not matching with PAN card data and grievances registered are not seeing daylight.

  5. The data in TIS show Interest from Deposits twice in two rows thereby increasing the income under this head by almost 100 per cent. Cannot rectify this discrepancy. Grievances registered remain unresolved for long. What is the remedy?

    1. pushpahas bhimrao umadikar

      There there is specific option where you put the comment as the Income is not pertaining to you

  6. A lot of glitches in online prefilled return also. After paying balance self assessment tax also,the automated filing in IT website does not take in to same and still gives a message balance tax is payable which is incorrect. Unlike last year,this year filing in On line IT website is awful. How a govt.can do such blunder in such websites and still say everything is ok.

    1. Once u have logged in and personal details are verified open e-file on top of the page and u will have option to find ur AS 26.

  7. l am filing IT returns properly as
    per TDs issued by my higher
    authority, surpringly the IT dept
    not granting my refunds for last
    three years inthe name of
    mismatching at 2010 after 11years
    for mismatching taxpayer is not
    responsible actually deducting
    authority has to answer,IT dept has to take action on deducting

  8. Sanjeevappa Venkataramaiah

    In my IT returns , for the financial year 2020 -2021, FD deposits interest was considered under salary , in spite of repeated attempts . I left to the IT officials for correcting , by lodging grevences . As a sr citizen i was loosing
    the benefit of forgoing tax for FD interest . Hope infosys is rectified the soft ware .

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