Download e-book on Indian Accounting Standards (Ind AS)

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) is actively engaged in providing guidance to members and discharging its responsibility of ensuring successful and proper implementation of Indian Accounting Standards in the spirit in which they were formulated. Implementation of Ind AS has been driven by tireless efforts of the ICAI to enable the stakeholders with high quality globally accepted financial reporting framework which is at par with the global standards.

The Ind AS Implementation Committee has been making relentless efforts to ensure effective implementation of Ind AS through its various endeavours. The Committee has been working tirelessly to provide guidance to the members and other stakeholders on the notified Ind AS. For this purpose, Educational Materials on various Ind AS covering various issues have been issued. Apart from this, the Committee also organises Online Certificate Course on Ind AS and it conducts In-house training programmes on Ind AS for regulatory bodies such as RBI, C&AG, IRDAI, CBDT, SEBI, SFIO etc. and other corporate entities, develops video lectures on Ind AS, organises seminars, awareness programmes on Ind AS.