How are small businesses accelerating the growth with digital signing

How Are Small Businesses Accelerating Their Growth With Digital Signing

Considering the events taking place from the last two years, it has become essential that small businesses find a new and optimised way of doing business.

As the pandemic has changed the way of carrying out business, the businesses have adapted to the new technologies for an efficient workflow.

One such technology is the Digital Signature.

Digitally Signing PDF has gained immense popularity during the pandemic period and is now known to businesses more than ever.

In this short article, we will submit before you few pointers of how a business can leverage their growth using a Digital Signing Software to close all their important business deals.

Digital Signing Software- 5 benefits to your business

Digital Signing software is now being adopted by multiple industries due to its multi-facet applications.

In this section, we have elaborated on some of the direct benefits of this technology to your business.

1.Digitally Sign PDF & Word Documents from anywhere!

  • Digitally sign PDF documents is one of the best alternatives to the physical signing of the documents.
  • This allows the signing parties to remotely sign the PDF & Word documents without their physical presence.
  • This shall help the businesses improve the documents’ turnaround time as it will minimise the posting, faxing and processing time of a document that has to be signed.
  • Digital signing of documents will help small businesses improve their teams’ workflow efficiency and bring essential business deals, agreements, etc., to a successful closure.

2. Additional level of authenticity of the document

  • Digital Signatures are based on the Public Key Infrastructure (PKI). It assures that Digital Signatures offer the highest standard of security and authenticity to your document.
  • When a document is marked with a digital signature, it authenticates the identity of the user. So when the receiver receives the documents, he can be sure that the document is not tampered with and the source of this document is verified.
  • The encrypted key in the digital signatures uniquely links the signer with this document providing an extra level of authentication and security.

To learn more on how to validate signature in pdf, watch the video in the link provided.

3. Improving your Business Image

  • When small businesses use a digital signature online to sign all the contracts or business documents, it dictates to the clients that you are serious about the efficiency of your business, and it creates a positive image of your business with the clients.
  • Your clients will always prefer a business that is updated with the latest technology that helps further the business.
  • Digital Signatures can prove to be a differentiator for your business to get that important deal!

4. Globally accepted and legally complied

  • More and more nations are accepting Digital Signatures as a standard form of signing PDF & Word documents.
  • In India, Digitally signing Word&PDF documents has become a widely accepted phenomenon where multiple industries like healthcare, insurance, banking, human resources, educational, fin-tech, GST return filingsetc.
  • Digital Signatures fulfil the legal compliance requirements in India and are legally recognised under the Indian Information Technology Act of 2000.
  • To add more to this, Digital Signatures are essential to upload the GST documents to the common GST portal. Hence, Digital Signatures are now widely accepted by individual taxpayers as well as small & medium-sized businesses.

5. When businesses go paperless, even your customers are rewarded!

  • When a small business can keep the costs low, they ultimately make the end customer happy.
  • Digital Signing helps businesses to improve their efficiency and minimise their turnaround time of the document. This allows the business to ensure timely delivery of the service or the product to the customer.
  • This improves customer satisfaction which will surely help the business in the long run.

6. Maintain an e-trail of all the documents

  • When it comes to profitable businesses, the companies must have their documentation in place. This is necessary not only for their internal records but also for any surprise departmental audit.
  • Digital Signature online helps businesses maintain a complete online trail of all the signed documents that the companies can use for their future reference.

7. Digital Signature simplifies the process!

  • It is no secret that how easy-going paperless is!
  • Going digital is beneficial in a monetary way and has intangible benefits like streamlining the workflow, minimising interruptions in work, improving your business document turnaround time, etc.
  • Initially, businesses in India were reluctant in accepting Digital Signature technology. However, businesses have now realised its benefits and are now widely accepted in the multiple domains of the Indian industries.

Digital Signing Solution – The one which suits your business best!

The easiest way to digitally sign PDF documents is to get a user-friendly Digital Signing Solution.

GST Hero Safe Sign is a user-friendly and easily integrating Digital Signing solution that allows you to sign all the PDF documents in a single click!

Following are some of the salient features of GST Hero Safe Sign that makes it stand apart from the crowd:

  • Easy integration– with your existing ERP system and the CRM.
  • Military-grade security– Takes care of the confidentiality of your document authentication.
  • Bulk signing– Improve your workflow with multi-part access allowing you to sign multiple documents in less time.
  • Scalable deployment options– It is suitable for businesses ranging from a large enterprise to a small or micro firm. It also serves the purpose of individual’s activities which includes digital signs.
  • Customisable signature template– places the digital signature on the PDF without changing the document’s orientation in any way.

To Summarise

Digital Signatures help further your business in the ways mentioned in this article. In addition, there are more benefits that digital signatures have for your workflow efficiency.

It is now the time to choose an appropriate Digital Signing solution. That allows you to quickly sign all the PDF & Word documents right from your existing ERP systems.

Choose Digital Signatures, go paperless!

Stay updated; stay ahead!

Until the next time….