Digital Signing Online –A Revolutionary Way To Authenticate& Sign Your Documents

Digital Signing Online –A Revolutionary Way To Authenticate& Sign Your Documents

Digital Signatures is the new revolutionary way to sign all your business documents on the go!

Digital Signatures are helping businesses to change the way of the journey of their document signing process.

Today, many businesses in India are leaving behind the traditional ways of physically signing the business documents and are adapting to the new-gen technologies of Digital Signing software, which allows not only to digitally sign your document but also authenticates the data and the source of it.

This article will submit some of the broad applications of Digital Signature online currently in modern Digital India.

Digital Signatures in brief

A Digital Signature is a subset of the Electronic Signature, which is the best alternative for the traditional pen-paper based signing.

A Digital Signature carries essential details like Name, Address, PINcode, e-mail address, date of issuance of the certificate, etc., of the user authenticated by a Certified Authority.

Digital Signatures are secured and assure the party receiving the document about the source’s authenticity and credibility.

The GST taxpayers must validate the Signature in PDF using the Digital Signing software for GST transactions like e-Invoicing under GST.

  • Where can I purchase a Digital Signature?
    • A licensed Certifying Authority (CA)can issue digital signatures. They are authorized to do so under Section 24 of the Indian IT-Act 2000.
    • Businesses must make sure that the provider they choose must be legally registered with the Government and has a valid license to issue Digital Signature Certificates.

Businesses must chooseDigital Signing Solutions like GST Hero to validate Signature in PDF & digitally sign PDF documents which will not only save their business time but are also a cost-effective alternative to the traditional pen-paper based signing.

Digital Signing- Applications in various domains

Digital Signatures are widely accepted in various business domains. Be it the private sector or government sector; Digital Signing finds its applications in all business processes.

We will discuss some of the prominent industries adapting to Digital Signing software to digitally sign PDF documents and save the resources of their respective businesses.

1. Private sector businesses

  • Human Resource Departments
    • HR departments of various companies currently implement Digital Signature online to facilitate easy onboarding of candidates and joining formalities.
    • Sending the monthly pay-slips to the employees, making FORM-16 available to the employees etc., are now made completely online processes with the help of Digital Signatures.
    • The companies now deploy Digital Signing software to take care of all the digital signing processes involved.
  • Financial activities of businesses
    • Generating bills and invoices for the vendors duly certified and digitally signed using Digital Signatures.
    • Digitally signing PDF invoices, Purchase orders, Tax return filings, GST return filings, etc.
  • Tasks involving the signing of legal documents
    • Digital Signatures facilitates easy and safe signing of different documents between businesses.
    • Digital Signaturesenables the signing of these agreements without any geographical barriers.
    • Digitally signing MoUs, law filings, etc., will be easy and convenient to sign irrespective of the locations of either of the parties getting into the agreement.

2. Banking Industry

The banking industry is the largest beneficiary of Digital Signing technology.

There’s huge paperwork that goes around the Banking industry on an average working day. Hence, it is necessary that the documents that involve signing turn around at a faster pace.

Following are some of the applications of Digital Signatures in banking:

  • Application forms
  • Account opening/closing forms
  • Loan sanction letters
  • Demat account statement requests
  • Balance enquiries and confirmations

3. Government Offices

Taxation activities

  • Goods and Service Tax (GST) requires Digital Signatures to digitally sign PDF documents and upload them on the GST portal.
    • Digital Locker facility– This is an excellent initiative run by the Government to allow people to access their documents from anywhere in the country. These documents are required to be self-attested using Digital Signature online.
    • Digital signing of documents like issuance of Indian Passports, Form 7/12 for the land buying and selling procedures, application for renewing the driving license, applications for the birth or marriage certificates etc.

Digital Signing –Are they legally valid in India?

Many businesses are still sceptical about using Digital Signatures as they are afraid that if anything goes wrong, will they have a valid legal standpoint.

To address this question and put all the doubts at rest, we submit that Digital Signatures are legally valid in India under section 5 of the IndianInformation Technology Act, 2000.

If unfortunately, anything goes wrong with any business deals, both parties will have a strong standing point based on the Digital Signatures imprinted on the documents involved.

Digitally signed documents will be admissible in the court of law.

Digital Signing Solution – How do I choose the best solution?

Digital Signing solution allows you to digitally sign PDF documents with great ease.

Businesses must choose a suitable Digital Signing solution that is user-friendly and comes with multi-facet features like customized signatures, bulkPDF signing, etc.

GST Hero Safe Sign is one such Digital Signing solution that allows businesses to digitally sign PDF documents in bulk and is so user-friendly that your clerical staff will be able to use it without any specialized training.

What makes GSTHero SafeSign a preferred choice?

  • Military-grade security protects the confidentiality of your data.
  • Smooth integration with your existing ERP and CRM systems
  • Choose between the dongle-based& the server-based digital Signature
  • GSTHero is a Government-appointed GST Suvidha Provider. Hence, SafeSign is entirely compliant with all the GST laws and can be easily used to digitally sign PDF documents& upload them on the GST portal or other government portal.
  • Suitable for all types of businesses. Be it a large enterprise or a small floral stall, all kinds of companies can easily use it to validate Signature in PDF online.
  • Individuals can use digital Signatures for any document authentication process.
  • Digitally signs your PDF documents without changing the orientation of the original document.

In a nutshell

Digital Signing software is going to be a necessity soon. With the remote work environment flourishing in the Indian markets and the Indian economy heading towards a more automated and digitized environment, businesses must adopt new and efficient technologies like digital signatures.

A digital Signing solution will make your document processing cycle faster, and you can be sure about the integrity of the document you are processing online.

Stay updated; stay ahead!

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