SEBI advises registered entities to comply with TRAI’s TCCP Regulations 2018:

As per the press release by SEBI on Tuesday, market regulator has advised all entities including  MIIs (which  use bulk  SMS  for  providing  their services  to the investors) are  advised to ensure  strict  compliance with  the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India’s (TRAI) Telecom Commercial Communications Customer Preference  Regulations,   2018   (TCCCP Regulations). Non compliance   with   the provisions of said regulations may result in disruption of delivery of their messages to the investors. 

SEBI further said that these  new  regulations  have  a  provision  for Principal  Entities  (PE)  (i.e.  entities  who  intent  to  send  bulk  SMS)  to  register  with  the telecom service providers and are also required to register the template of the message. 

SEBI further said that  effective  implementation  of  these  new  regulations  will  help  to protect  investors  and  the  general  public  from unsolicited and  often  misleading messages.