Is failure important?

You have never lived a normal life if you have never seen failure. If you want to be success, you need to fail once in your life, then only you will know the real worth of success. I am the failure but i know Success after failure is the real success.

We fail due to our own mistakes or due to such circumstances which are not in our favour. At that time always think of that kaashh moment “kaashh aesaa karta/ karti toh aesaa nahi hota” and correct that mistakes next time, learn from those mistakes. People will say what’s the sense of realizing the past mistakes now, but there you get the chance of correcting those mistakes and now you are not going to repeat that again. Don’t forget “apna time bhi aaega”.

Failures will keep learning because they know that learning never stops, but those people who succeeded without facing failure will stop learning at some point of time and that will lead them to fail as failing once in life is mandatory.

Don’t be a negative person after failing as now you are on the way to success.

Keep learning Keep Growing…