Big news for Google Pay users, this special feature can start soon

NFC-enabled transactions are more intuitive and convenient. Many fintech companies are working on NFC payments as it allows transactions without the use of an Internet connection.

Given the need for social distancing in the midst of the Corona crisis, Google Pay is launching NFC based payments for its users. NFC based payment does not require users to swipe cards at the place of purchase. Instead, the user can pay without touching his device by bringing it closer to the point of sale machine.

With the help of NFC, the user can make contactless payments, in which the users do not need to swipe the card. Users need to keep the NFC enabled device with the swipe machine and authorize the transaction. In the midst of Corona crisis, this service is considered very important because it does not require contact and the risk of infection is very low. This feature will soon be added to your Google pay account.