Retired income tax officer arrested for tampering with PM Modi’s photo

Retired Inspector of Income Tax Department has been arrested for tampering with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s photo. This action has been taken by the police on the basis of the complaint lodged.

According to the information received, Nafees Khan, a resident of Khati Pada of Police Station Lohamandi area in Agra, tampered with the photo of the PM and put it on the status of his WhatsApp. Apart from users on social media, PM supporters complained to the police.

Police investigated the matter. During investigation, it was found that the tampered photo of the PM was attached on the WhatsApp number of Nafees. Alamganj Choki in-charge Virendra Kumar filed a case against Nafees.

Police Station Lohamandi Inspector Triloki Singh said that Nafees Khan was arrested and presented in the court. He was sent to jail on the orders of the court.

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