Remember this four digit code, money will be transferred immediately

Reserve Bank Offer India has launched UPI123 service to promote digital payments. RBI Governor Shashikant Das on Tuesday launched the new UPI (Unique payments interface), which has been released for special feature phones.

However, NPCI already offers a similar feature, with the help of which users can make digital payments without internet. We are talking about USSD based mobile banking service of NPCI, which was launched in November 2012. However, the reach of this service is limited.

With the help of this USSD based feature, users can use UPI even without internet. Actually, when NPCI launched the *99# service, the number of feature phones used to be very high at that time. This service can be used on both smartphones and feature phones. However, for this some things are necessary. The user’s phone number should be linked to his bank account. Only MTNL and BSNL users can use this feature.

You can do UPI payment without internet like this

First you have to type *99#  code on the keypad and make a call.

Here you will see many options. If the first option is Send Money, then you have to dial 1.

After this you will be asked how do you want to make the payment? With the help of this feature, you can make payment to the mobile number, UPI ID, IFSC code or pre-save beneficiary.

Now you have to choose any one of the above given option and fill the details. After that click on send.

Now you have to enter the account and then send it. Users will have to write a remark.

At last you have to enter your UPI PIN and then click on send. In this way you can make UPI payment even without internet.

With the help of this feature, you cannot make payment by scanning the QR code. With the help of this you can make payment through mobile number. Also, payment can also be done through UPI ID. Customers can make payment and request money through account number plus IFSC code.