Indian digital infrastructure needs $23 billion investment by 2025: Report

Jan 24 (PTI) The digital infrastructure sector requires investments of up to USD 23 billion by 2025 to support the growing demand for digital services and online usage in the country.
A recently released joint report by Ernst & Young (EY), in collaboration with the Association of Digital Infrastructure Providers (DIPA), states that significant investments in physical digital infrastructure are necessary by 2025 to connect people online.

EY leader Prashant Singhal said, “India is a leader in health technology, education technology, consumer technology. Our e-commerce market will be $200 billion, and the education technology market will be $12 billion.”

He further said that India is innovating digitally and digital infrastructure is needed for this revolution. Tower companies are transforming themselves into digital infrastructure companies. This will require investment of up to US$ 23 billion over the next 3-5 years.