If Your Saving Account is in SBI, Then This Big Alert is For You!

If your Saving ccount is in the country’s largest government bank i.e. State Bank of India, then this news is for you. State Bank of India told through a tweet to make its customers aware that how you can avoid online fraud. Let us tell you that these days digital transactions are increasing very fast, due to which the cases of fraud are also increasing very fast.

SBI tweeted

State Bank of India gave information by tweeting and told how you can keep your money safe and avoid digital fraud. State Bank of India told how to do transactions safely so that no fraud can happen.

Don’t get caught in the trap of free gifts and vouchers

In the last few days, many such cases have come to the fore where fraudsters use free gifts and vouchers to lure customers and make money disappear from their accounts. In such a situation, people get lured by free gifts and click on unknown links and in this way all the money disappears from people’s accounts.

SBI released video 

State Bank of India shared a video in a tweet and said that State Bank and its employees never ask for sensitive information such as debit card details, internet banking, OTP from customers. Apart from this, the message of clicking on the link of any third party is also not sent.

What did SBI say?

State Bank told the customers that you do not have to share your bank account details with anyone. At the same time, no customer should click on unknown links. Apart from this, the reply to the bank email is also not to be given. 

You can complaint here

Apart from this, you can complaint about such fraud to the Cyber ​​Crime Department. You can also make a complaint on the website of cybercrime https://cybercrime.gov.in or on the helpline number 155260.