High Court’s ban on broadcasting e-papers on WhatsApp

High Court’s ban on broadcasting e-papers on WhatsApp, Delhi High Court issued order on the petition of Bhaskar Group New Delhi

| The Delhi High Court has banned the circulation of e-paper of the newspaper through WhatsApp groups with immediate effect.

The Bhaskar group had filed a petition in the Delhi High Court against the illegal transmission of e-papers through WhatsApp groups. Hearing this, a bench of Justice Sanjeev Narula passed an interim order in favor of DB Corp Ltd (Dainik Bhaskar Group).

The High Court directed WhatsApp to block or shut down the WhatsApp groups circulating Bhaskar’s e-papers. Now the matter will be heard on 2 May 2022. The High Court in its judgment has also issued notice to the administrators of those WhatsApp groups, who are illegally circulating the e-papers of Bhaskar Group on the social media platform. The admins of these WhatsApp groups have been identified by their mobile numbers.

The Delhi High Court has also issued notice to the Central Department of Telecom and the Central Government in this matter. DB Corp had also sent a legal notice to WhatsApp to block groups infringing on Dainik Bhaskar Group’s copyright and registered trademarks. It is worth noting that Dainik Bhaskar Group provides the facility to view e-papers on its official website and mobile app through subscription model. It is illegal to circulate these e-papers on other mediums or platforms without prior permission.