ED investigates and takes custody of Sanjay Rawat’s house in connection with money laundering related to Patra Chawl scam

Shiv Sena MP Sanjay Raut has been detained by the ED. Raids were going on at his house in Mumbai since 7 am. Enforcement Directorate officials had asked Raut to walk to the ED office. But he had refused it. This raid took place in the case of money laundering related to Patra Chawl scam.

10 ED officers searched Raut’s house, accused Raut of not cooperating in the investigation.

 Sanjay Raut has been taken into custody by the Enforcement Directorate today. Now the sword of arrest is also hanging on him. After reaching the ED office, Sanjay Raut also spoke to the media. Here he said that efforts are being made to weaken Maharashtra, but he will not bow down.

 Earlier, for about 9 hours, the ED team searched Sanjay Raut’s house. The ED had conducted this raid in the case of money laundering related to Patra Chawl scam. On Sunday, the ED team reached Raut’s house in Bhandup at 7 am.

 Around 4 pm, the ED took Sanjay Raut into custody. After this news spread in the media, a large number of supporters had gathered outside Sanjay Raut’s house. He had blocked the way for the ED team. When the ED team took Sanjay Raut out of the house, he waved a saffron-coloured gamcha in the air.

Sanjay Raut said – will not leave the party

After reaching the ED office, Sanjay Raut spoke to the media. He said that efforts are being made to weaken Maharashtra. But he will not bow down nor will he leave the party.

The ED has accused Sanjay Raut of not cooperating in the investigation. According to the information, when he was asked by the investigating agency to accompany him to the ED office, he said that he is the sitting MP. He had sought time till August 7. But now the ED can take them into custody and take them with them.

During the raid, Raut had clarified that as a responsible MP he had to attend the Parliament session and hence he did not appear before the ED on 20th and 27th. He also said that he has sought time till August 7 and if summoned on that day, he will appear before the ED officials.

Raut did not appear even on July 27

Earlier on July 27, the ED had summoned Raut in the case and asked him to appear for questioning, but Raut did not appear and sought exemption from appearance. But then the ED did not accept it.

This is Patra Chawl scam case

According to the ED, Guru Ashish Construction was given the task of redeveloping Patra Chawl. This work was entrusted to him by MHADA. Under this, houses of 672 tenants were to be redeveloped in Patra Chawl on 47 acres in Goregaon, Mumbai.

According to ED, Guru Ashish Construction misled MHADA and sold this land to 9 builders for Rs 901.79 crore without constructing a flat. Later Guru Ashish Construction started a project called Meadows and raised Rs 138 crore for the flat from home buyers.

Investigation revealed that the construction company illegally earned more than Rs 1,034.79 crore. Later, he illegally transferred this amount to his associates.

According to the ED, Guru Ashish Construction Private Limited is the sister company of Housing Development and Infrastructure Limited (HDIL). Investigation revealed that HDIL had deposited about Rs 100 crore in Praveen Raut’s account.

In 2010, Madhuri, wife of Praveen Raut, transferred Rs 83 lakh to the account of Sanjay Raut’s wife Varsha Raut. With this amount Varsha Raut bought a flat in Dadar. After the ED investigation started, Varsha Raut had sent Rs 55 lakh to Madhuri Raut’s account.

According to ED, Praveen Raut along with Rakesh Wadhawan and Sarang Wadhawan have misappropriated more than thousand crore rupees.

 – The ED had raided the premises of Praveen Raut and his close aide Sujit Patkar. Praveen Raut and Sanjay Raut are reportedly friends. At the same time, Sujit Patkar is also considered close to Sanjay Raut. Sujit Patkar is also a partner in a wine trading company with Sanjay Raut’s daughter.