Breaking: Government Notifies Amalgamation Of PMC Bank And Unity Small Finance Bank

RBI Press Release (Vide Press Release ID: 2021-2022/1616)

The Government of India has today (25th January 2022) sanctioned and notified the Scheme for the amalgamation of the Punjab and Maharashtra Co-operative Bank Ltd. (PMC Bank) with Unity Small Finance Bank Ltd. (USFBL). The amalgamation will come into force with effect from the date of the notification of the scheme i.e. January 25, 2022. All the branches of the PMC Bank will function as branches of Unity Small Finance Bank Ltd. with effect from this date.

USFBL is making necessary arrangements to implement the provisions of the scheme.

The Scheme of amalgamation notified today (25th January 2022) envisages takeover of the assets and liabilities of PMC Bank, including deposits, by the USFBL in terms of the provisions of the scheme.