Bitcoin Price: The price of bitcoin halved in three months, $ 600 billion of people drowned

The decline in the prices of the world’s largest cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, which started in November last year, is not taking the name of halving. In November 2021, the price of bitcoin reached close to $ 69,000, which is its all-time high price so far. Since then it has fallen by about 50 percent. Due to this huge drop in the price of bitcoin, its market value has decreased by about $ 600 billion. This means that the net worth of people who have invested in bitcoin has fallen by $600 billion since November, or in other words, they have lost $600 billion.

Not only this, due to the decrease in the price of bitcoin, the value of the entire cryptocurrency market has decreased by about $ 1 trillion. The Bespoke Investment Group reported that this is the second time in bitcoin’s history that its price has fallen so drastically.

At the time of writing the news on Saturday, the price of bitcoin was trading down 7.2 percent at $ 34,042 (about Rs 25.33 lakh). At the same time, the second most popular cryptocurrency Ethereum (Ether) also saw a tremendous decline of 9 percent and was trading at Rs 2,11,277.4. Dogecoin If we talk about Mimecoin at nine-month low, then the price of Dogecoin, the world’s most popular Mimecoin, fell to a price of $ 0.14. This is its lowest level since April 2021. In the last 24 hours, it has seen a big decline of 9 percent. This mimecoin, which got a huge jump last year, has also come down 81 percent from its peak.