5 reasons to use Digital Signature to grow your business

5 Reasons To You Must Use Digital Signatures To Grow Your Business

In this hyper-connected world we live in, it is essential that you complete your business commitments in time and in an efficient way. With remote work being the new normal, it has become more important to keep up with the pace of all your business activities like signing the contract or closing those critical deals.

Hence, these days the traditional physical; signatures are getting replaced by a more efficient and easier way of online signing called ‘digital signatures’.

Digital Signing software is the new way to sign all your documents on the go from remote places and keep your business flow undisturbed!

In this short article, we will explain to you how your business can benefit from Digital Signature technology.

#1 Digital Signing makes business work more accessible

Remote work has forced businesses to find new ways to run their day-to-day business activities.

Irrespective of external factors like remote work or pandemic, your business should not stop. However, closing off those critical deals is essential and shouldn’t be kept waiting. Digital Signatures will help you close the business deals faster and replace traditional signature practice with a complete online and remote signing technology of Digital Signing solution .

How will digital signing ease your remote work?

  • Sign critical paperwork from any corner of the world!
  • No physical transportation of the documents will be required.
  • No faxing, no waiting for the documents.

Digitally sign PDF reducesexpenses and business time

When a business chooses to opt for traditional signing, they have to incur costs and resources to transport the documents to the stakeholders located in different geographical areas.

This process becomes time-consuming when the stakeholders are in different locations and may also cause a prolonged delay in meeting the pre-defined deadlines of the business.

On the contrary, when you choose a digital signing solution, you also decide to cut on your business expense which goes into the faxing, transporting and printing of the documents.

Digitally signing PDF eliminates the waiting period of the document, which reduces the turnaround time for your critical paperwork, which in turn helps you meet your project deadlines.

#3 Improves work efficiency of your company

With the turnaround time reduced, the business activities can now be managed without any delay in the middle.

As compared to the earlier system where you had to wait for days to receive the documents signed by the other party, digital signing has considerably brought that time down to few hours or few minutes to complete the signing procedures.

Digital signing solution doesn’t require you to maintain physical trails of the document you have signed, which reduces the risk of losing or misplacing the critical paperwork.

When you use a digital signing solution like GSTHero’s SafeSign, it will help you to keep an online trail of all the signed documents for future reference.

#4 Relax, Digital Signatures are secured!

Businesses are sceptical about sharing their critical business documents on third-party software or web-based application out of fear of online misuse or fraud with the company documents. This is one of the primary reasons businesses hesitate to put their records online and opt for digital signatures.

But, businesses can rest their worries upon digital signing solutions like GSTHero’s SafeSign, where the security and integrity of the business documents are given the topmost priority without compromising with the faster and automated processing.

Digital signature online liaises with encryption algorithms and hashing techniques.

To put it in simpler laymen words, they are unbreakable! Digital Signatures can be trusted as it adds an authenticity to the document on behalf of the stakeholder signing it.

Digital signatures are safe and cannot be edited or tampered with other than the stakeholders who are signing the documents. This layer of security ensures that the documents are legitimate and tamper-proof as they are protected with a tamper-evident seal.

To learn more on verifying digital signature on a PDF, you can view the video here, how to verify signature in PDF ‘.

#5 Digital Signatures are legally compliant & globally recognized

As far as Indian Territory is concerned, digital signatures are legally recognized under the Information Technology Act of 2000.

All the digital signatures shall stand valid in the court of law, and they cannot be denied for the reason of their validation in India.

Hence, businesses need to relax and not worry about the integrity and validity of the digital signatures used in business activities. Digital signatures are legitimate in India and have no legal issues whatsoever.

That is why; we encourage businesses to move away from the traditional document signing and embrace the new-gen technology of digital signing solution and take their business on a paper-less path!

How do I get a perfect digital signing solution for my business?

Digital signing solution should be chosen based on three critical parameters:

  1. Security of your documents
  2. Ease of use
  3. Robustness of the solution

A digital signing solution should have these essential qualities that you can rely upon for all your critical business paperwork.

GSTHero’s SafeSign fulfils it all!

Salient features of GSTHero’s SafeSign:

  1. Military-grade security to  protect the confidentiality of your documents
  2. Multi-party access for both the parties signing the document
  3. Bulk signing of PDF documents
  4. Hassle-free integration with your ERP & CRM systems
  5. 100% GST compliant for filing your GST returns

In a nutshell

In this article we have submitted 5 highlighting reasons for choosing digital signature to benefit your business.

Businesses have a lot to benefit from digital signature technology. However, although most companies have already opted for this paperless technology, many companies are reluctant to go digital.

We want to appeal to all these businesses that there is no harm at all in embracing these technologies to further your business. It’s safe & easy to use.

Go digital, choose paperless; chooses Digital Signatures for digital signing of documents!

Stay updated; stay ahead!

Until the next time….

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