MCA Important Update 23/02/2022- All the stakeholders are hereby informed that

All the stakeholders are hereby informed that

–> the ROC and the RDs of the MCA at all locations have been directed by the Ministry to enter all cases of complaints against the Companies and the LLPs, Inspections, Inquiries, Investigations and Prosecutions in the MCA Electronic registry i.e., MCA21 before issuing any letter, notice, order etc.

–> after registry, a Service Request Number (SRN) is generated and thereafter the ROC and the RDs have to mention such SRN mandatorily in all such communications to Companies, LLPs, their officers, auditors, etc., on all communications.

–> if any communication received from the ROC or the RDs without mentioning SRN then the stakeholders are advised to treat the same as unauthorised which need not be responded further.

–> any instance of such communication received without mentioning SRN may be brought to the notice of the Office of the Director General of Corporate Officer (DGCoA) at email along with the copy of communication.