The rise in digital tokens is inevitable in the cryptocurrency market. There are now thousands of cryptocurrencies in circulation and many of these have a promising future within the market. Some crypto coins are stable like Tether and USD coins, but some show great results like Terra, Shiba Inu, Bitcoin, and many more. Cryptocurrencies in 2022 have immense potential to thrive even more than 2021. Crypto investors are highly interested in the existing cryptocurrencies as well as the newly emerging ones to invest in their digital wallets also known as blockchain wallets. This article lists the top 10 cryptos that will yield 10x income in 2022. 

Blockster (BXR)

BXR token is an advertising token that powers the Blockster ecosystem and its high-traffic platform. The token’s value directly correlates with Blockster’s growing advertiser and user base. It’s a community featuring the ins and outs of cryptocurrencies and decentralized projects. In addition, it’s not a monolithic platform. For instance, one of my earlier articles criticizing the mindless speculation toward meme coins was well received.

Aeternity (AE) 

Aeternity is a blockchain stage that centers around high data transfer capacity executing, simply utilitarian keen contracts, and decentralized prophets. It was established in 2017 and looks to kill wasteful aspects in the crypto advertise by expanding adaptability of brilliant contracts and dApps, sharding, and off-chain contract execution. The Turing-complete savvy contracts on the Aeternity chain consider exchange execution without outsiders or go-betweens. 

Monolith (TKN)

Monolith is a decentralized banking alternative, powered by Ethereum. Monolith provides a non-custodial contract wallet to store Ethereum-based tokens securely. Users can then exchange them for fiat and load them onto their Monolith Visa debit card. The Contract Wallet is non-custodial, open-source, and decentralized. It enforces advanced security features which are designed to protect users’ funds in the event of an attack. The Monolith Visa debit card is accepted globally and is currently available for EEA residents (31 countries within Europe).


VIBE (VIBE) is a cryptocurrency and operates on the Ethereum platform. Over the trailing week, the token is up to 4.5X, so it’s almost halfway to the 10X mark. Despite the already outsized performance, VIBE might still have plenty left in the tank for 2022. 

LockTrip (LOC)

LockTrip (LOC) is a stage occupied with both fiat and blockchain monetary forms, with an environment that goes about as a property rentals and lodging postings and booking site. Its local cash is the LOC token. They intend to convey the most minimal expenses to the lodging and convenience parts by hindering the requirement for commission-based administrations at both the client and specialist co-op closes.

EncrypGen (DNA)

EncrypGen (DNA) is a cryptocurrency and operates on the Ethereum platform. It gives clients and accomplices top tier, people to come, blockchain security for ensuring, sharing, and re-advertising genomic information. It enables science, business and people to safely and productively accomplish their objectives. 

Zigcoin (ZIG)

Another low-priced digital asset, Zigcoin features favorable arithmetic, similar to EncrypGen above. Trading hands at around 11 cents a pop at the time of writing, ZIG would only need to rise a little over a buck to generate a 10X return. Categorized as an asset management blockchain project, Zigcoin represents the token underlying the Zignaly social investment platform. 

EpiK Protocol (EPK)

The EpiK Protocol is committed to the construction of a decentralized ultra-large-scale knowledge graph. Through decentralized storage technology (IPFS), decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), and token economy model (Token Economy), it organizes and inspires global community members to transform knowledge in various fields into a knowledge graph. This eternal human knowledge base is jointly built, shared, and continuously updated, thereby expanding the vision of artificial intelligence (AI) to a more intelligent future.

PlayDapp (PLA)

PlayDapp token is a digital asset used within the PlayDapp Blockchain gaming ecosystem to purchase and trade NFT items within games and with the global C2C marketplace ‘’. Thus, PlayDapp offers the advantages of the blockchain to the gaming market, including lower cost, enhanced security, and unparalleled convenience, among many other attributes. Moreover, multiple mainstream media sites have featured the PlayDapp platform, suggesting that it’s on the cusp of something grand.

All Sports (SOC) 

All Sports is a cryptocurrency that operates on the Ethereum platform. All Sports saw enticing gamblers, dramatic engagement, and sentiment earlier this year. In May when several cryptos printed their previous records, SOC hit 5.5 cents. A return to that level from its present status is worth a 7X move right there. But in terms of all-time average highs, SOC reached just underneath 30 cents. 

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