Cryptocurrency Price, 19 Feb, 2022: This year bitcoin has fallen by more than 13 percent, know how much loss

There is a continuous decline in the cryptocurrency market. Due to which the world’s largest cryptocurrency Bitcoin, Ethereum, the prices of other currencies are coming down. The price of bitcoin has come down to Rs 33.85 lakh. On the other hand, the same situation is being seen in the international market as well. Bitcoin itself is barely holding onto $40,000. Ethereum has already come down to 3000. According to experts, due to the Fed’s warning about policy interest rates and the tension between Russia-Ukraine, investors are shifting their rupee from crypto to safe haven i.e. gold and other safe investments. Let us also tell you how much cryptocurrency prices are being seen in the country and abroad.

Decline in cryptocurrencies on domestic exchange
Bitcoin was trading 1.31 per cent lower at Rs 33,84,999, while Ethereum was down 1.44 per cent at Rs 2,40,000. Cardano fell 1.33 per cent to Rs 83.86 and Avalanche fell 0.57 per cent to Rs 7,285.7. In the last 24 hours, Polkadot is down 1.74 per cent to Rs 1,508 and Litecoin is down 2.63 per cent to Rs 9,792.5. While Tether was up 0.09 per cent at Rs 78.27. Memecoin SHIB rose 2.47 per cent, while Dogecoin was trading down 0.85 per cent at Rs 11.52. Terra (Luna) is trading 2.48 percent down at Rs 4,365.

Cryptocurrency prices in the foreign market

  • Bitcoin is down 1.24 percent at $ 40209.
  • Ethereum is down 3 percent at $2812.
  • BNB is down 0.37 per cent at $403.
  • Cardano saw a drop of 2.44 percent and the price is $1.01.
  • Solana is down about 3 percent at $ 91.71.
  • Avalanche is down about 6 percent at $ 84.72.
  • Shiba Inu has come down by 2.30 percent to $ 0.00002839.

Global Market of Cryptocurrencies
The global market cap of the cryptocurrency fell by 1.47 percent to $1.83 trillion in the past 24 hours, while trading volume fell nearly 16.75 percent to $72.95 billion. Whereas on February 19, the market dominance of bitcoin has increased by 0.06 percent to 41.72 percent. Let us tell you that this year bitcoin has become cheaper by more than 13 percent. While it is on a decline of more than 40 percent from its all-time high $ 69000.