Cryptocurrency Price, 14 Feb, 2022: Market down 2 percent from Ukraine-Russia Tension, know the price of bitcoin

The Global Cryptocurrency Market is witnessing a decline due to the Ukraine-Russia Tension. The price of cryptocurrency around the world seems to be immersed in it. The global cryptocurrency market cap is down more than 2%. While the price of bitcoin is also trading with a slight decline. While Ethereum and other currencies have seen a big decline. At the same time, its impact is clearly visible in the Indian crypto market. Let us also tell you with which trend the cryptocurrency is trading.

Global crypto market down 2%
The global crypto market cap has fallen by 2.14 per cent to 1.86 trillion in the last 24 hours. While trading volume fell 11.35 per cent to $61.44 billion. Decentralize Finance accounted for 11.58 percent of its 24-hour cryptocurrency trading volume at $7.11 billion. While the stable stock stocks stood at 49.37 billion with a gain of 80.37 per cent.

Prices from bitcoin to other currency
On the morning of February 14, the market dominance of bitcoin increased by 0.31 percent to 42.60 percent and the price of the currency has come down to $ 41,687.64. Whereas it is a decline of more than 1 percent. While Ethereum is down 2 percent at $2863. Cardano is down 2 percent and the price is at $1.03. Polkadot is down 4 per cent at $18.25. Dogecoin appears to be stable at $0.1454. On the other hand, Shibinu is seeing a growth of 3 percent. Because of which the price is trading at $ 0.00002928.

Cryptocurrencies in Indian Markets
In rupee terms, bitcoin is trading 1.14 per cent lower at Rs 33,30,681, while Ethereum is down 2.22 per cent at Rs 2,27,351. Cardano fell 3.13 per cent to Rs 81.88 and Avalanche Avalanche ended 5.27 per cent lower at Rs 6,128.8. In the last 24 hours, Polkadot fell 3.85 per cent to Rs 1,451.04 and Litecoin fell 2.76 per cent to Rs 9,729.4. Tether was up 0.2 per cent at Rs 79.71. Memecoin SHIB rose 2.96 per cent, while Dogecoin was trading 1.68 per cent higher at Rs 11.68. Terra (LUNA) is down 1.66 per cent at Rs 4,130.14.