The Fact That “Long-Term Capital Gains” On Listed Shares Are Exempt From Tax Does Not Mean That “Long-Term Capital Loss” On Such Shares Is Not Available For Set-Off Against Taxable Income: ITAT Kolkata

In the case of United Investments vs ACIT, ITAT Kolkata has held that:

If one carefully analyzes various sub-sections of Section 10 then it is evident that each sub-section enlists specific specie of receipt to which exemption from tax is granted if certain conditions are fulfilled. We therefore find that Section 10 enlists various species of receipts which are otherwise revenue in nature but they are granted exemption from income-tax by the Legislature. The Legislature can grant exemption only when there is a positive income and not where there is a ‘loss’ or negative income on which admittedly there cannot be any charge of income-tax.

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