Finding Job in Your Language Will Become Easier! You Can Create Profile in Hindi Language On LinkedIn!

It will now be possible to create a profile in Hindi on the professional network LinkedIn. The company also added Hindi as the first Indian language.

LinkedIn said in a statement that by adding Hindi, it will provide greater access to professional and networking opportunities for Hindi speakers in India and around the world.

LinkedIn now supports 25 languages ​​globally.

LinkedIn said that users will be able to create content in Hindi for their feeds, profiles, jobs, messaging on their desktops and on their Android and iOS devices.

LinkedIn will work towards broadening the range of job opportunities available to Hindi professionals in the industry as its next step.

In the coming weeks, LinkedIn will engage Hindi publishers and creators on its platform to drive engagement and conversations of Hindi members.

India is a big market

The company said that India is a large and key market for LinkedIn and the second largest market in terms of members after the US. LinkedIn has 82 million members only in India as against 800 million global members.

Corona epidemic increased users

Significantly, in the last three years, the user base of the platform in India has grown by 20 million at the rate of 15 percent annually. Since the Corona epidemic, there has been a further increase in people joining the platform.

Ashutosh Gupta, India Country Manager, LinkedIn, said, “With the launch of Hindi, members and customers can now get more value out of the platform through content, jobs and networking and express themselves in the language in which they feel comfortable.”

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