PM’s statement ahead of Monsoon session of Parliament, 2022

This season is related to the weather. Now rain has started giving its knock in Delhi too. But still the heat outside is not decreasing and I do not know whether the heat inside will also decrease or not. This period is very important in a way. This is the period of the nectar festival of freedom. 15th August has a special significance and for the coming 25 years when the country celebrates the centenary, how was our journey of 25 years, how fast we walk, how many new heights we will cross. There is a period to take its resolutions and by being devoted to those resolutions, give direction to the country, the house should lead the country, all the honorable members of the house should become instrumental in filling new energy in the nation. In that sense this session is also very important.

     This session is also important because elections for the post of President and the post of Vice President are being held at the same time. Voting is also going on today. And in this period, the new President, the new Vice-President, his guidance will begin to the country. 

    We always consider the House as an efficient medium of communication, a pilgrimage center. Where there is dialogue with an open mind, if there is a need for debate, there should be criticism, there should be analysis of things by doing very good type of analysis. To make a very positive contribution to policy and decisions. I would urge all the respected MPs that deep thinking, deep discussion, good discussion and making the house more productive, as much as we can make the house more fruitful. That’s why everyone should cooperate and democracy runs only through everyone’s efforts. The house runs because of everyone’s efforts. The House takes the best decision only with the efforts of everyone. And therefore, while fulfilling our duties to enhance the dignity of the House, we should make the most use of this session in the national interest and remember every moment that those who spent their youth, spent their lives for freedom, spent their lives in jails, How many sacrifices did you accept? Keeping their dreams in mind, and when 15th August is in front, then the House should be used most positively. This is my biggest prayer. 

Many thanks to you all too.