Journalist Sudheer Chaudhary Dropped From The Panel Of Speakers At The Abu Dhabi Chartered Accountants

Chairman & the Managing Committee,

ICAI Abu Dhabi Chapter

Sub: Request to drop Sudheer Chaudhary from the panel of speakers

Dear Sirs,


We, the undersigned members of the Abu Dhabi Chapter of ICAI, writing this note to express our disappointment and disagreement with the decision of including a controversial journalist Sudheer Chaudhary in the panel of speakers in the forthcoming seminar of the Chapter. No doubt that Sudheer Chaudhary is a popular TV personality but he has been alleged to have involved in numerous unprofessional journalism and criminal misdeeds. To sight an example, he was arrested and sent to Tihar jail for 15 days in 2012 in an extortion case filed by Jindal group. He has been accused of manufacturing & spreading fake news, Islamophobia & communal hatred, doctoring tapes, etc. Should we , a prestigious professional body, invite & offer a platform & audience to an unprofessional journalist and thereby reduce our dignity & honor ?

We are a professional body of high repute and goodwill in a foreign country, we have responsibility not only to offer a high standard of professional services here, we have responsibility also to maintain a cohesive atmosphere among its members and respect the local laws & culture. UAE is known for tolerance, it accommodates people from all over the world of different faiths & cultures – should we invite an intolerant person and give scope to pollute such a beautiful feeling, that too when UAE is celebrating its 50th National Day?

We request you to ponder over it and drop Sudheer Chaudhary from the panel of speakers.

With assurance of full cooperation to the Chapter.