Airtel Black Launched. All in One Service

Airtel today announced the launch of Airtel Black – India’s first all-in-one solution for homes. Airtel Black combines multiple Airtel services into one single service. These services include Airtel’s Fiber, DTH, and mobile offerings.

“In today’s world, the customer’s home has become the single place for both work life and personal life. So the need for high-speed data, the need for entertainment at home and the need for seamless connectivity on mobile, is now one holistic need”, says Airtel.

As different companies have always provided these services, customers often have to go through the hassle of paying multiple bills.

And as these services often depend on one another, the failure of one causes issues in another. As a result, Airtel came up with ‘Airtel Black’ to solve the problem.

Airtel Black: Features

Airtel Black is the new program where a customer can bundle 2 or more of Airtel services (Fiber, DTH, Mobile) together to become Airtel Black. This entitles the customer to one single bill, one Customer Care number with a dedicated team of relationship managers, and “priority resolution of faults and issues”. All of this also comes with the value of zero-switching and installation costs coupled with free service visits for life.

Airtel claims a customer will connect to a care representative within 60 seconds of calling. All service visits needed for the service come on priority, and free of charge for the user. The DTH facility is also being offered as a billed service.

Airtel Black offers a simple feature where users have full choice of selecting their suitable plans for each service. The user can then bundle them together for billing.

Airtel Black Plan Charges

Airtel is offering customized Airtel Black plans so you can make them per your needs. In addition, this plan construct allows you to combine any plan that is available in the market. These include Airtel Xstream Fiber, Airtel DTH, Airtel Postpaid.

You can combine a maximum of 10 Airtel Parent Postpaid, 2 Airtel Xstream Fiber and 2 Airtel DTH primary connections to create an Airtel Black Custom Plan. You can choose any two or more services to get the first 30 days free on the new service you add.

Airtel Black Plans

Airtel also provides four fixed Airtel Black plans. The Rs 998 plan per month will allow you for 2 mobile connections and 1 DTH connection. Rs 1349 plan gives you 3 mobile connections and 1 DTH connection. The Rs 1598 plan gives you 2 mobile connections and 1 Fiber connection. The all-in-one Rs 2099 plan gives you 3 mobile connections, 1 Fiber connection and 1 DTH connection.

How to get Airtel Black?

  1. Download the Airtel Thank app and get an Airtel Black plan or make your own plan by bundling your existing services. 
  2. Visit the Airtel store near you and Airtel’s teams will help you get on to Airtel Black. 
  3. Give a missed call on 8826655555 and an Airtel executive will reach out to you to upgrade you to Airtel Black. 
  4. You can visit Airtel’s website for more details about the new service.

(The article is posted from The Mobile Indian without any modification.)