Income-tax: User Interface of New Income Tax Portal Improved

User interface of new income tax portal has been improved. It looks more better now.

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    1. Prabir Kumar Biswas

      New efilling portal is full of glitches, not at all user friendly which was in previous years. Could not understand why income tax department put us in trouble by changing the portal.
      However I like to mention here the problem I faced during submitting return of my wife. I am mentioning here step by step for getting solution from you as follows:
      After putting all relevant data for online submission of IT Return the screen come in the Validate Prefilled return 》Preview return 》Proceed to preview 》Preview & submit your return 》Proceed to validation 》shows validation successful , No errors were found 》Proceed to verification 》using the button To generate EVC through bank account 》shows To generate EVC you need to validate & enable EVC in your bank account ; then I tried to verify through Adhar OTP , here it shows error message EF500075.
      To resolve the problem I talked over phone at your Bangalore office. They advised me to inform in details through mail at
      I did it on 27 Oct 2021 but till today I did’nt receive any return mail. Now you please help me to resolve the problem so that I can submit return within the stipulated time. For your information I like to inform you that I have submitted my return on 14 Oct 2021 which was duly verified by you and I get back refund my excess tax .
      Thanking you. With regards,
      Prabir Kumar Biswas

    2. Not so impressive
      I had filed ITR 4 months back , still not processed , help line staff are also unable to check why it is getting late.

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