TDS Rate Chart For Financial Year 2022-23 (Assessment Year 2023-24)

Every year there are some changes in the rates of TDS applicable for a financial year. Now for Financial Year 2022-23, two new sections 194R and 194S are inserted in the Income Tax Act 1961 which are related to TDS (in Union Budget 2022-23).

Section 194IA of the Income Tax Act 1961 related to TDS has been amended in the Union Budget 2022-23.

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    1. Sukhjinder Singh

      Given that pension paid to an individual is actually the deferred component of wages earned by by him during his active&healthy life,in the service of public interest,individuals have already paid income tax on this component during active service retracing his pension amounts to ďouble taxation,a concept that militates the spirit of welfare state which is provided by the constitution of india

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