Suggestion on an error in Income Tax Portal

Suggestive measures against going on technical glitches at Income Tax Portal

1 Availability of ITR 3 Form

It is now available by JSON format for selection

2 ITR V (acknowledgement) and ITR Forms not available for download

The Forms are available for download now. Works faster in non-working hours. Try
downloading before 10 AM or after 10 PM

3 Can the Java Utility be downloaded for filling ITR Forms?

Excel and Java Utility are now not available. Only JSON utility is available on the new IT

4 Aadhar OTP not getting delivered for verification

If the Aadhar OTP does not get delivered, try resending the OTP atleast 2 more times.
Alternatively, can log out and select ‘OUR
SERVICES’ ; then select “E-VERIFY”.

5 DSC Registration for Filing ITR for Companies/Firms

Director/Partner has to register the DSC with their own login.

6 Response to Notice u/s 148

Please go to “E-Proceedings” Tab and select

7 234F levied even after 31st July, 2021

Download the latest JSON utility. 234F will
not be levied

8 Acknowledgement not immediately available after filing return

As soon as return is filed before clicking Proceed option, select “DOWNLOAD FORM”. The acknowledgement will get

9 Return Filed with Refund but Refund not Displayed on Acknowledgement

The issue will be fixed shortly, however, a grievance may be raised on the same

10 Form 35 – Unable to be filed due to DIN not getting Filled

A dummy number can be put in place.The issue will be resolved shortly, however a
grievance can be raised to resolve the same

11 Non Availability of Vivad Se Viswas Forms

The issue will be fixed shortly, however, a grievance may be raised on the same. It is
advisable to wait till the issue is fixed before filing Form 4 (even though it is available)

12 Return filed on 04/08/2021 but displaying on the website as filed on 08/04/2021

The issue will be fixed shortly, however, a grievance may be raised on the same.

13 Bank Pre-Validation not working

Go to My Profile and add the bank account to pre-validate the same. If this does not work, check with the bank if it has been pre￾validated correctly

14 ITR 3 – Depreciation calculation issues

The depreciation calculation is done including decimals but is not rounded off in the ITR Form. This leads to some validation errors and does not allow the Assessee to file the return. The same is being fixed and will
be resolved shortly.

15 Legal Heir Registered in Old Website – Unable to Login through new Portal

The legal heir option is not available but profile shows that it is registered. Raise a grievance and keep the same on a record.

16 Remote filing of DSC

The new IT Portal does not allow remote filing using DSC. The filer needs to have the
DSC in hand. Alternatively, team viewer or remote controlling software can be used.