Password to open Annual Information Statement (AIS) after downloading

Annual Information Statement (AIS) is a complete perspective of a taxpayer’s information provided in Form 26AS. New information is included in AIS, including interest, dividends, securities transactions, mutual fund transactions, information on overseas remittances, and more.

The submission of returns is made simpler by the provision of a streamlined Taxpayer Information Summary (TIS). Taxpayers will be able to upload AIS data online and download data in the PDF, JSON, and CSV formats

How to view the Annual Information Statement?

Ans. You can access the Annual Information Statement functionality by following below mentioned steps:

Step 1: Login to URL

Step 2: Click on “Annual Information Statement (AIS)” under “Services” tab

Step 3: On click of ‘Proceed’ button, you will be redirected to AIS homepage

Step 4: Click on AIS tab

Step 4: Select the relevant FY and click on ‘Download’ tab

Step 5: Click on AIS download option PDF to view or download the Annual Information Statement.

Step 5: Click on AIS download option PDF to view or download the Annual Information Statement.

What is the password to open Annual Information Statement (AIS)

The PDF that you download will be password-protected. You must enter the PAN in lower case and either the date of incorporation or formation for non-individual taxpayers or the date of birth for individual taxpayers in the format ddmmyyyy without a space in order to open the file.

For example, if your PAN is ABCDE1234A and your birthdate is January 21, 1991, your password will be abcde1234a21011991.
The functionalities under AIS Tab are:

  • View Annual Information Statement
  • Submit Feedback on AIS
  • Upload AIS feedback packet generated from AIS utility
  • Download Annual Information Statement (PDF/ JSON)
  • Download Specific Information Details (CSV)
  • Download AIS Consolidated Feedback (PDF)
  • Download AIS Feedback Acknowledgement (PDF)
  • Download AIS Feedback Tracker (PDF)
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