Circular 21/2022 dt. 27-Oct-22: Date of furnishing TDS Statement in Form 26Q for quarter ended 30th September, 2022 has been extended to 30th November, 2022.

One reply on “Order Under Section 119 of The Income Tax Act, 1961”

  1. Respected sir, you did took assessment year per 2,3 year’s. You was decide due date, file date.
    Always, criminals has live in crime. What’s your long time values in your work?
    India has been suspended the rupee note . You going to speed rides.
    Don’t repeat suspension the rupee note. I have a little late in my complaint.
    Iam sorry once again. You will take bating. You will know to my againsts activity.
    That’s time, ho..Vijaya Laxmi MEKA is very lucky. She is live in. Definitely,
    It is your first thought. I would like to arrest my againsts. Save the country and save the culture.

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