Have you lost your PAN card recently?


How to reprint a lost PAN card?

If these are the questions that are bothering you, the given blog will help you.

This blog will provide in-depth information about how to apply for a lost PAN card seamlessly and what necessary measures an applicant should take before applying for a duplicate PAN card.

What is a Duplicate PAN card?

A duplicate PAN Card is a copy of the original PAN Card. It is issued to an individual or taxpayer who has damaged/stolen/misplaced/lost his/her current PAN Card. The Income Tax Department of India has kept the process to apply for a lost PAN Card easy and seamless.

What are the methods to apply for a Lost/duplicate PAN card?

There are two ways to apply for a lost PAN card-

  • Online
  • Offline

The online process to apply for a lost PAN Card is quicker, simpler and can be done at the comfort of the home whereas, in the case of an offline application for a lost PAN Card, one needs to locate a PAN service unit of NSDL.

How to Apply for a duplicate PAN Card Online?

It is easy to apply for a lost PAN card online, all an applicant needs to do is to follow the mentioned steps-

  • Visit the official website of ‘TIN-NSDL’
  • Click on ‘Services’ and next on ‘PAN’
  • Scroll the screen and reach ‘Reprint of PAN Card’ section and click on ‘Apply’
  • An entire online PAN application will appear on the screen
  • Next, choose the application type as ‘Changes or Correction in existing PAN Data/Reprint of PAN Card’ and select the category
  • Further, fill in all the required fields and click on ‘Submit’
  • A token number will be generated and will be sent to the applicant’s registered email for future references
  • Now, continue with filing the application
  • Fill in all the necessary details in the ‘Personal Details’ page and select PAN application submission mode from the given options (forward application documents physically, submit digitally through e-KYC & e-sign)
  • Choose whether you require a physical PAN card or an e-PAN card. In case of choosing an e-PAN card, a valid email address will be required
  • Now, fill in the contact details on the document details page and submit the application
  • Next, you will be redirected to the payment page and an acknowledgement receipt will be generated against the payment
  • An applicant will receive the PAN card within 15-20 working days

NOTE–Apply for a PAN card in case of a lost PAN card. It is an offence to hold more than one PAN card. A penalty of Rs 10,000 will be imposed on the person with more than one PAN cardDuplicate PAN card status can be checked using the acknowledgement number

How to apply for a duplicate PAN card offline?

Apply for a duplicate PAN card offline by following the given steps-

  • Print or download the application form for duplicate PAN card
  • Fill the form carefully in BLOCK letters
  • Enter your 10 digit PAN number
  • Attach 2 cross-signed passport size photographs (for individual applicants)
  • Next, fill in all the required fields and details carefully
  • The application form for duplicate PAN card, proof of identity, proof of address along with other supporting documents should be sent to the NSDL facilitation centre
  • Complete the payment. Once the duplicate PAN card payment has been made, an acknowledgement number will be generated that can be used to track the status of the PAN card
  • The PAN facilitation centre then send the duplicate PAN card form to the Income-tax PAN services for further processing of it
  • After the PAN application form processing, the duplicate PAN card will be dispatched within 2 weeks after the department receives it

What is the eligibility to apply for a PAN card?

Following is the eligibility criteria to apply for a duplicate PAN card–

  • Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)/ Firm
  • Companies
  • AOPs
  • Hindu Undivided Families (HUFs)
  • Individuals

What are the documents required to apply for a duplicate PAN card?

Listed below are the list of documents required to apply for a duplicate PAN card-

  • Self-attested identity proof like driving license, Aadhaar, voter ID, etc.
  • Self-attested address proof like bank account statements, utility bills, Aadhaar, etc.
  • Self-attested document with the mentioned date of your birth like a certificate of birth, Passport, matriculation certificate, etc.
  • PAN allotment letter or a self-attested copy of PAN Card

When do you need a duplicate PAN card?

A duplicate PAN card is required under the following circumstances-

  • Loss/theft
  • Misplaced
  • Information to update in it
  • Damaged

How to surrender the duplicate PAN card?

It is an offence to carry more than one PAN card. A penalty of Rs. 10,000 has to be paid by the person with more than one PAN card. Hence, if, by any chance, you have more than 1 PAN card(s), you must surrender the duplicate PAN card right away by following the given instructions carefully-

  • Write a letter to the assessing officer mentioning that you want to surrender the duplicate PAN card. Provide all the required and mandatory details about the PAN card
  • Mention the PAN card you want to carry and the one you want to submit
  • Submit the letter to the assessing officer, who, in return will process the letter and provide the acknowledgement number in return. The acknowledgement number will become proof that the PAN card which you have surrendered is now a cancelled PAN card

6 things to know about duplicate PAN card

A duplicate PAN card works similar to an original PAN card and is accepted at all places wherever it is required. This is one of the things about duplicate PAN card, following pointers explains more about a duplicate PAN card-

  • File an FIR for the lost PAN card and submit it to the NSDL office along with the required documents and reprint PAN application form
  • PAN card application processing fee outside India is Rs. 1020 whereas it is Rs. 110 for Indian communication address
  • Applicants are given the option to pay for a duplicate PAN card through net banking, DD, credit card, debit card. On successful payment, an acknowledgement screen with a downloadable acknowledgement receipt will be displayed
  • After the completion of payment for a duplicate PAN card, an acknowledgement number will be generated. Applicant should save this acknowledgement number, print it and send it to the NSDL e-GOV
  • An applicant who is a minor need to mention his/her AADHAAR number in the application form
  • If an applicant uses a thumb impression instead of a signature, it will be first verified by the Magistrate or a Gazetted Officer or a Notary Public, under the official stamp and seal