As the last date for filing income tax is nearing 31st July, the taxpayers have demanded from the government to extend the last date for filing ITR. Many users have spoken about a technical glitch on the e-filing website of the Income Tax Department. Four days are left for filing income tax return. Now the exercise of requesting to advance the date on social media has intensified.

25 thousand tweets

At this time ‘Extend Due Date Immediately’ is trending fiercely on the social media platform Twitter. About 20 thousand tweets have been done with this hashtag. Let us tell you that even before this such campaign had brought color on social media. Using the hashtag ‘Extend Due Date Immediately’, users are telling their problems. Also seeking help from Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman.

This is the complete plan of the government

However, Union Revenue Secretary Tarun Bajaj has already made it clear that the government has no plans to extend the last date for filing ITR. Bajaj said that so far no idea has been given to extend the last date. He also said that last year on the last day we got 50 lakh returns. This time I have asked to be ready for one crore ITR.

Requested by taking screenshot of the portal

Users have requested to increase the last date in many ways. Someone took a screenshot of the ITR portal and shared it and wrote that the portal got down again. Other users are saying to reconsider the last date with some other problem.

Let us tell you in the information given by the department that more than 3 crore ITRs have been filed for the assessment year 2022-23 till July 25, 2022. Let us tell you that taxpayers may have to pay a penalty for filing ITR after July 31.